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For those of you who experienced a Pewsplace blackout yesterday, I thank you for letting me know. We had technical difficulty in some parts of the World which had now been corrected. The internet provides access to the entire universe and sometimes things go unnoticed as the home base seems to be in working order. Such is life of the blogger.

Tonight is the time for Ghosts and Goblins and the little ones will be all dressed up in their favorite costume, ringing doorbells and making that age old statement, “Trick or Treat”. My wife and I love the night and always make sure we our home and take lots of photos. Jane dresses up sometimes and really gets into the Halloween mood. I normally sit on the front porch and hand out the treats. While we live in a gated community, we still have lots of youngsters at our front door. The first holiday of the season really starts the Q4 celebrations with Thanksgiving and Christmas not far behind — a great time of year.

I have been working on the GNRS “Forty Ford 75 Anniversary” display and found it rewarding to talk to so many Forty lovers who were willing to display their cars. We will have our own building with 40 cars on display. We are still in the planning stages but it is exciting for me to be included in assisting. Pepe will be standing tall for the show and probably the only sedan delivery on  display. For those of you who are planning on attending, room reservations are recommended as the hotels are booked well in advance of the show. The Sheraton has been sold out for a long time. Try the surrounding areas for less expensive rooms. I will keep you informed of the final plans for the celebration.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween.

Stay Tooned!



                                               Happy Halloween




Don’t eat all the candy waiting for the door bell to ring.


Chick was invited to display his roadster at the Art Center in Pasadena and took this photo in front of the historic Rose Bowl. His new roadster has been given lots of ink recently and rightly so.


Sometimes an artist’s rendition of your dream makes it easier for the builder to execute.


I am a lover of the Tub hiboys and the builder followed the drawing and made it happen. HAMB photos.


Bobby is saying good buy to his latest build for a Japanese customer. The photo is at the Moon facility in Santa Fe Springs. The car has some outstanding workmanship and innovative ideas incorporated into the build. Can you see this car running around on the streets of your town?


Back in January I made the statement that this year would be the year for Deuce mor–doors and here is another example going together. He must have added some deep wheel wells to keep those ET’s under the fenders.

2013-10-13 10.38.29 (1)

This well built Deuce Delivery is on the block. See the For Sale section for details.

November 2011 057(4)

He also has this orange 33 for sale which looks nasty. See For Sale for details.


Jake made history with his 34 and the 37 truck grille. Much larger than a Deuce and seldom raced — most racers preferred the Deuce size for better performance. I always felt this roadster was my inspiration for loving the model 40 hiboys.


Here is an early black of white of the Morgan roadster without the windshield and full cockpit tonneau.

poteet cars 2134

George commissioned Roy to build him a Morgan styled model 40 with the 37 grille.


The end result was and instant hit an TRJ feature car. I first saw the car at SO-CAL’s open house.



One fellow found this rust free example for a good price. I am still looking.


Harvey still has this one and I don’t suppose it will every be completed or sold — just rusting away in an outdoor lean-to. CW knows about this one also.

Phaeton Heaven

folder2   V8 tour 019

You don’t often see 34 Phaetons let alone three in one spot – Early Ford Club outing on a beautiful California day.


Jim has a beautiful phaeton that is all hot rod with a stock look. The seat is set back and you can drive it anywhere and be comfortable.

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