Friday’s Anxiety

We are just a week away from the roadster show in Pomona. I know some of you are on your way as I have photos of your cars. I normally head out to Pomona on Thursday to see what is going on at the shops and the Sheraton. Early arrivals are common and I enjoy hearing about their travels. While some roadsters have minor problems on the their trip, most are trouble free and, except for a sunburned face, the drivers looked relaxed. I will not go out until Friday this year as Bob is arriving and will be viewing Andre for the first time in person. I think the weather is going to be great except for the June gloom in the mornings. I am looking forward to a great weekend of fun at the LARS.

I often times get asked to go look at cars with my friends and offer some advice (which they never take) on the car. Today, Bob and I went to look at a 46 tudor sedan that was a basket case. He was interested in the car as he had one in high school. The car was very solid with good floors and included a well done chassis with a TCI IFS, a Ford Expedition rear end on CE parallel leafs and a ZZ motor. The price was right but when I told him about what it would cost to paint, upholster, wire and other miscellaneous items he became very anxious. The lesson here is, while the price of admission seems low, the final product will take most of your savings to complete. This was a nice 46 Ford sedan project with excellent sheet metal and a done chassis. If you add up the cost of the above items you will be in the car way over what a nice one of these sedans sell for. My friend didn’t think about that as he wants an inexpensive project and, so what if it cost more than he could purchase one for. You see why they don’t listen to me. You can talk yourself out of any good deal and into a bad deal. The lesson is: If you are buying the car because you love to build them more than drive them, then do the deal. If you prefer driving one, then I would recommend purchasing your dream and put the rest of your money in a new dinning room table for your wife.

All roads lead to Pomona!

Stay Tooned!


Richard converted his long time high boy to a full fendered car this year and is driving to Pomona with his buddies from the St.Louis area.

Steve has several roadsters but is driving his 40 convertible down to the show from WA. Sometimes the roll up windows come in handy heading down the I-5.

You can’t park in the roadster area but you can park in the preferred parking and be closer to your trunk for the parts you purchase.

This will be a familiar sight this week around the roads leading to Pomona. Please slow down and give a thumbs up to these drivers. They deserve it.

The 36 roadster is a cool looking ride when you chop the top and lower them all the way around.

Even the stock height top 36 roadsters look good. This one is a little tail heavy.

I love this one. Bob-O would love to add this one to his collection. Who said smooth is a new trend?

Julian will have his 36 phaeton on the road headed to Pomona if he is not driving his Bud Bryant roadster.

I have always loved the look of this 36 phaeton. Black, lowered and red steelies are a good combination for a tub of any year.

This is a classic phaeton that will always be in style and one of the best designs of the phaeton era.

My phaeton Dream from my Bob Kolmos and Boyd days.

Dreams have to start some where and this was mine in 1985.


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