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As the age factor comes into play, individuals often take a look at their assets and determine if they really need to hang on to all of them or sell some and put the money away for the future. This not only goes for Hot Rods and Classic Cars but also includes vacation homes, boats, guns and many other items men have a tendency to collect. It is not that they don’t love them anymore, but more like — “I don’t use them anymore and I am not getting any younger,” scenario. I have received several requests to list some very nice old Fords from several sources and I can think of three reasons for this movement:

  1. The owner sees the need to downsize and reinvest in other assets — moving to a smaller place or a serious illness.
  2. The owner thinks the market for his assets is diminishing and losing value — changing demographics.
  3. The owner no longer has an interest in keeping a quantity of cars — storage, expense, maintenance.

Most of us have been involved in the old car hobby for many years and still appreciate the building and acquiring project and completed cars. I think we would like to think our cars have appreciated or at least maintained the investment, but I don’t think that is the case if you have built a car recently. The cost of materials and labor far exceed the value of a completed car today. Just look at any of the auction sites or classifieds and you will see cars for sale for a fraction of their build cost. The fellow who purchased his Deuce three window when he was 16 and decides to sell is in good shape but the enthusiast who just took delivery of a $200K+ Deuce is probably upside down just as he would be in a new home in certain areas. Hopefully, most of us still are not in the hobby for flipping but rather for the “Love of the Hot Rod!”

Labor Day is coming which ends many of the summer events and usually starts people thinking — maybe I would like a new Hot Rod!” I have several to choose from listed under the For Sale Section — so take a look. The new season will be here before you know it.

Stay Tooned!



I have dreamed about owning this style of Deuce sedan for many years but probably will never realize that dream. Randy is building this one and I like the Dirt Track look.

Pepe no flames

I found this photo of Pepe without the flames and I kind of like the subtle look. This was back in 2001 when I first retired and purchase a woody (under the cover) and upgraded my 48 convert with a SBC,auto and 9″. The back problem came soon after this photo.


Dave of Super Bell fame drove this 40 pickup for several years and yes it was equipped with a QC. He was known for his expert knowledge and assembly of QC’s. Gordon now owns this piece of history.


Not a show truck but a nice shop truck for running parts.


Trucks had upholstery on the seat only with a cardboard style headliner. Lots of history in this one!


Greg has a nice phone booth truck project that he is finishing. Nice stance!


Trucks are still a favorite of many Hot Rodders.

pleasanton 15 007

Here is a nice row of 34’s at the GG’s show last weekend. Looks like Rodger’s garage.

pleasanton 15 008

The chopped Cabriolet is a rare sight at shows today. Note the skirts John.

pleasanton 15 006

Lots of fire showing on the 34 Hot Rod from the Reno area.

pleasanton 15 020

Another good looking 33 coupe in a unique color with a Hemi motor.

pleasanton 15 021

Note rear tire wheelwell fitment. The curved rear spreader bar is also a nice touch on this little 3-window. The QC is barely visible.

pleasanton 15 005

Another 34 from the Reno area which has the ready to race look while it’s sitting still.

Friday’s Fords For Sale


A change in direction puts this 32-34 Ford perfectly metal finished cab on the market. See Cars For Sale Section


One of the nicest all original no patch panel Deuce roadster has come on the market from a private collection.


The owner has had this beauty for 18 years and finally decided to part with the roadster.


Not a great photo, but you can see the inferior done in an early style.


The flathead is equipped with Eddie Meyer heads and intake and runs like a swiss watch.


Lincoln brakes, dropped axle and lots of chrome make it an early Hot Rod. See Cars For Sale!

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