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I had a good day working on Pepe. I decided to put him up in the air and fix all the wiring to the NSW that I could locate. The button was the culprit. The previous builder used a common push button, two prong style, that eventually shorted out from use. We tested the button with an ohm meter and found by touching one terminal and grounding the case the meter would register which means it is shorting out internally. I went to NAPA, (What is the make and year of car?)… and had no luck finding a replacement switch. I will search the internet to see if I can find a quality switch. I think the Limeworks sells one that bolts on the column which would be my first choice. I spent most of the morning determining how to raise the car since my jack won’t slide under the front. If the car would start, I could have driven it on my ramps but that wasn’t in the cards. With the help of my dear wife, we were able to raise it up front and rear which makes it much easier on my old body. Some days are really fun with these old cars.

The weekend brings LA Wood in Dana Point and the Tom Medley COL in Pomona. Both, will be great events, especially the recognition for Tom who most of us remember as “Stroker McGurk” from Rod & Custom. I am sure lots of people will drive their Hot Rods and Customs to pay their respect to one of best from Petersen. I know Bruce is bringing the restored 40 coupe of Tom’s and I am sure other famous old cars will be in attendance as well.

Enjoy the weekend in your Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!



Dave, at Seabright Hot Rods, sent me this photo of their wiring project using an American Autowire “Highway 15” unit. I wish mine looked this good and was under the seat for easy maintenance.

I have always loved the rare 33 Vicky rear profile. The slight hump is very stylish compared to the 34 trunk model. Bill has a beauty at his shop.

Here is your basic red 5 window coupe hiboy. I remember the no hubcaps racer look from the 50’s.

If you like the Hot Rod look, then this black beauty might get your pulse beating a little faster. I am sold on all black cars.

Frank built this black with gold wheels coupe a few years ago. He is retired now but still has some Deuces in his fleet.

Looks like a shade of Folkstone Gray with Briarwood Brown wheels on the nice standard coupe.

I always liked this coupe with the “Kid” profile top and louvered hood.

I don’t feature many T’s but this one is sure cute. Don would like this one.

The stance on this 33 tub is perfect. Some would leave it as is and enjoy the ride. I wonder what happened to the car?

I love the Deuce phaeton hiboys when they are plain and built to be driven.

New sedan that I would like to see in person. Lots going on with this build. Modular motor?

Pinkee’s built Don a more radical version with a Hemi motor and lots of trick fabrication. See Pinkee’s site for more expert craftsmanship from Eric. 

In Memory Of Tom Medley

Tom was a true Hot Rodder until the end. This Rodder’s Journal photo shows him and his rebuilt 40 coupe. Thanks to all who made it happen. I know Tom is building a 29 roadster now and enjoying the peace and quiet.


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