Another epic weekend in LA with the Hot Rod Homecoming and the Beach Cruiser show in Huntington Beach to name a few events that start the season off. I hope to make both events and enjoy the cars and fabulous weather. If you are bored drive out to one of these events and take your hot rod. One thing about LA is that car events are almost everyday some where in the large metropolitan area. This is a close to heaven as you are going to get above the ground.

I have been working on both Andre and Pepe this week and have made some good progress. I have solved all of my problems (so far) with excellent advice from many of you. The knowledge you seek is at the end of a Google search. Learning each day is what makes me tick. I still seek information each day on some subject related to hot rods. Perhaps I spend too much time on the computer but I seem to thrive on information overload. For example, if I run into a problem I can’t solve I simply type in the question and within seconds have many answers. The HAMB is also a good place to seek answers. Join as many Forums as you like and contribute or seek information anytime day or night. If you have a smart phone you can do it while laying under the car. The electronic age is hear to stay so if you have not joined I urge you to do so today. You will really feel connected.

I will post some photos on Monday of the weekend activities so…

Stay Tooned!


Gary has changed the wheels on his super nice tudor. The wires give the car a new personality which I like.

I fell in love with this shoebox at the Portland Roadster Show. I am a fan of the short back window models.

Ryan’s 37 chassis has some really neat features incorporated in the build. Note boxed frame rails and tubular cross braces which keep the chassis from twisting when entering driveways.

The rear suspension also is engineered to handle the power of the SBC. I took these photos at SO-CAL’s open house a few years ago. Ryan now has his own business performing some top notch work.

On the end of the spectrum is this Deuce chassis set up for a T-5. Note the K-member has been tilted and moved back to accommodate the new transmission.

These are passenger hood side trim pieces for a 1941 Ford. Lou thinks I can use these on Pepe if can’t locate some SD trim. How do you shorten trim that is soooo…thin?

Pepe went to the Saturday Coffee in a high end area and he felt right at home. This is just part of the house.

This is a nice old roadster on the Salt. I love the tops they construct to keep the sun out.

This one gets my vote for the overall engineering and detail attention in a roadster. AMBR 2012 was a long time in the making but great masterpieces take time and a few bucks along the way.

This is what the weekends were made for. Get in your car and head out for a cold one.

Pepe’s New Friend!

Fred built a buddy for Pepe so he would not feel lonely at the shows.His name is Luke.

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