The month has passed quickly and I haven’t accomplished much on my projects. The sale of Andre has taken up a lot of time showing it to people but so far most have been shy due to the high cost of finishing the project. Paint and upholstery scare most prospective buyers. I had estimated around $20K to finish the project but one prospect indicating he had a quote much higher. As I have stated many times in the past, if you don’t shop around and stop in a shop with $100/hr labor rates you are going to pay all the money to finish any project. I have always done my own work or traded my skills for those I didn’t have and seemed to be able to keep the cost down. The economy is still not strong and many places are looking for work and do good work. We all need to make a living and most of us understand overhead in most of these shops. Keep looking for a shop within your budget and you will find someone to complete your project. Remember, you don’t have to have it completely done to be driving and enjoying the summer.

I received lots of comments on the stance blog. It seems I forgot to mention that the use of a dropped axle or IFS does not make any difference in stance. You can get them as low as you want with either set up. In the rear, the type of suspension you use can basically be adjusted to any height you like. The 23 inch front fender center line and 25 inch rear fender line seems to be good numbers for attaining a respectable stance. The measurements are taking in the center of the wheel openings. Tire sizes in the front seem to vary from 175 – 195 x 15 and the rears run from 225 – 235 x 15. Both the 70 series and the 75 series fit well under the 40 wheel openings. There are many brands to choose from such as Goodyear, BFG, Kumho and others. Don’t cut corners on tires, as good tires make your ride safe and generally provide a better ride and handling.

Have a good weekend and I will see you back here on Monday.

Stay Tooned!


Mike and his lunch bunch enjoyed the perfect California day looking at the Pacific and dreaming of the “Little Surfer Girl”.

Frank has drug another car home from San Diego. He has a thing for model 40 three window coupes.

Rodmotion introduced a new 351 looking flathead that has 402 inches and has all the looks of the real deal but has modern technology in its favor. The cost is $30K for you deep pockets guys.

Master 40 builder Tim has the stance of the 40 coupes down to a science. He prefers the blackwalls but I really like the whitewall tires his wife selected. The CMG color is the best on a 40. What’s next Tim?

Here is another view showing the front fender opening using a dropped axle and reworked 40 spring. Nice!

Steve sent along his sedan that sits super. He used a Heidts Super Ride and a Posie parallel rear leaf spring kit. I love the color of this one also.

I need a front bumper to feel safe so I mocked it up to see where to cut the holes for the bumper brackets. I may wait for a while to do this, but I feel it looks better with bumpers on the front and rear. Right George?

Dave’s delivery has a great stance using big and little whitewalls. IMHO deliveries need to sit on a nice rake to look good.

Frank’s 39 also has a very subtle stance that fits the stock looking car style. Tire size can do a lot on a stock car.

Today’s Low Woody!

One of the best looking later woodies to come along lately is this beauty with the really low slung look. The color is right on with the wood. The wood is less expensive on the 49-51 models but the rest is the same price. Suggestion…start with a good body to begin with and you will save money.


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