Friday’s Fun

I have been under the weather the past week but I feel a little better today. Sickness at any age is no fun but you sometimes are thankful for a day when you feel better. I have received some photos from the visit to Nick Alexander’s new collection at his ranch. He still has the tenacity to collect some of the best samples of early Fords around. His new collection is much smaller but of the same high quality as the Woodies. I will be very short today and remind all of you to take care of yourself and don’t forget Mother’s Day. Flowers and candy plus a nice Sunday brunch makes her feel loved. Remember, Father’s Day is only a month away and you will be gone to LA Roadster Show the whole weekend.

Stay Tooned!


You new mothers need to start them off riding around on 4 wheels. It helps them adapt to driving a Hot Rod.

Happy Mother’s Day



The Ventura V8 Club headed up the coast to Grover Beach for a fun filled weekend in the early Fords.

Frank drove his new 40 pickup and thought Nick’s thoroughbred ranch looked good to him. Frank is a big guy but loves the 40 pickup.

This is Nick’s stable for his cars. Looks impressive to me. Wait until you see what’s inside.

Nick had lunch ready and the tour group could eat in style while looking at the open cars and Woodies.

Just a sample of the mouth watering examples in Nick’s collection of open cars and Woodies. Everything Nick does is first class.

Dave included a photo of my first love. I am very partial to 33 roadsters. Stock or hot rodded.

Frank had a great parking spot for his new pickup truck.

A super rare 37 roadster caught Dave’s eye. I have only seen a handful of these cars.

Another stop on the tour was this huge log house. Note the barn doors on the end.

There was plenty of parking for the club members. The very tasty 39 convertible is an all time favorite of mine. You must admit that a weekend in your old Ford with these venues to visit would really be worthwhile. Thanks to Dave and Frank for your photos. I won’t miss this one next year.

Today’s Favorite!

Don’t let Bob-O see this one. I took all his saws away from him. I have not seen many stock Mercury convertibles this nice in a long time. I wanted one in high school but lacked the funds even back then.

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