Friday’s 1946-48 Ford Convertibles and Woodies

The emphasis on the 32-34 and 40 Fords has always been my focus on Pewsplace. I have shown some of the post-war cars in the past and still like them very much for their roominess, drivability and overall ease of building. The woody and the convertible are my favorite, but when I hung around Fat Jacks in the 80’s, he sure built some nice tudor sedans also. He liked to paint them black, maroon or green. And as I recall, he built one of each while I was living in LA. He is still the master of the “Fat Trend” started in the 80’s. His detailing was as good as anyones and always a little different. I haven’t seen many new builds with the 46-48 Ford lately but if you want to build something different then you might consider this excellent body style.

I worked on the front tire wear the last couple of days and learned a lot about tire wear, pressure, front end components and overall maintenance of your front suspension. It seems that I had failed to check my tire pressure for an extended period of time and when checked at the alignment place it was 22 pounds which caused the abnormal tire wear on the outer edge. Shame on me. Next came the alignment which was out of adjustment due to worn bushings in the tubular A-arms. I had replaced these three years ago when I purchased the car, but do to the tire working at the wrong settings, it wore them out. I had to purchase two new tires even though one was in excellent shape. I am not finished with the rebuild but will complete tomorrow, as we are moving our “Back Road Boys” trip to the 9th, due to forecasted weather for our previous date. I am also going to fill the tires with Nitrogen which should help the leak down with the Halibrand wheels. A Hot Rod is always in need of attention which I learned long ago but forgot some basics — like tire pressure.

Enjoy your weekend working or driving your Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!




I am partial to the stock Maize Yellow color and outside appearance. The slight rake is also important.

hp photosmart 720

The top is a little funky but the car is a nice one built by Jim Cherry in the 80’s.


The custom look was popular in my day and still is to many builders. The top really makes difference in the profile.


The Woody Wagons make a really nice cruiser for the family and friends.


Date night at Lover’s Point was always better in a convertible like this one.


Jim Vickery has owned this beauty for many years and it still looks like new.


From the past, this beauty was always one of my favorites.


Maroon is one of the most popular color on these convertibles.


Fat Jack low is how your describe this one on bags.


A nice daily driver with SBC power and auto transmission makes it a nice trip Hot Rod.


SAR built a couple of real beauties in the last few years. This one was my favorite.


Terry built this one and Bob ended up with it for a short period of time.

1947 ford sportsman woody f

If you can afford the wood then a Sportsman really looks good.


Don builds some of the nicest woodies around and this is his latest 46.


The cars need to be lowered to improve the boxy look.


The side profile of a stock roof line is far better than a 40 stock roof line.


They look good in black also with steel wheels.


A few subtle custom touches add to the look of this beauty.

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