Friday’s 1940 Fords (Sedans)

I stopped over at Frantic Fred’s yesterday to see how he is getting along and ended up going to lunch with him at Bob’s Big Boy. Fred is busier than ever with cars overflowing from his small shop. Of interest to me, was a yellow 1940 sedan than has been sitting for a few years and Fred is bringing the car back to life. I don’t know why I have been concentrating on Deuces and model 40’s lately; when a 1940 Ford has always been a friend of mine. Bob-O has owned several sedans, coupes and convertibles and so have I. Somehow we always sell them and go back to our first love — the “Iconic” Deuce.

Henry’s, 1940 Ford was an instant hit to both the public and hot rodders when announced. Bob Gregori, the chief designer for Ford, really hit the ball out of the park with his improved Deluxe grille, Chevron tail lights and deluxe dash design. While Deuce lovers and others still preferred the 39 tail lights the new Chevron style proved to be a nice touch for the new model. The dash board was another hit with hot rodders and is still being sought after today and installed in all kinds of rods. The sedans, both 2 and 4 doors were excellent sellers and people held on to them long after the war years. In fact, if you search the internet you find and abundance of sedans for sale. Prices vary depending on condition but most are very reasonable and they make a wonderful driving car. I prefer to leave them alone body wise, add a late model drive train and perhaps update the suspension to improve the comfort on the highway (I am getting soft).

Electrician Bob is putting the finishing touches on his beautiful blue 1940 sedan and will soon be putting his roadster in storage to do some PCH cruising with the “Back Road Boys”. He sold his 1940 coupe and purchased the sedan to take advantage of the large back seat. Don’t go there, it is for his grandkids to ride in. He installed complete 3 point seat belts from Juliano’s to make sure they are safe when riding along with grandpa. Yes, a roomy 1940 Ford sedan is certainly a desirable car for the long hauls. Maybe you should put one on your bucket list.

Have a great weekend and come down to Dana Point for the Woody Show at the Marriott Cliffs Resort on Sunday… they serve a fantastic brunch.

Stay Tooned!



Fred’s customer had to park outside as the shop was full of projects Fred and Dean were working on. I loved the stance of this standard model and the Coker whitewall tires. Why do they always turn yellow?


Here is another standard with a great color and stance. They need to sit right to look good. This one is perfect!


One of the best of the show at the GNRS a couple of years back was this beauty. SRM did a full story on the build. I believe the car was from the Sacramento area.


Multi-show winner from the South has prompted many owners to paint their 40 sedans green. I agree although CMG is still my favorite.

40 Ford 004

My buddy Andy took his inspiration form the above build and made his own. He does it all in his home garage. Nice work Andy!


Folkstone Gray (Beige) also makes a nice exterior for the big sedan. Orange wheels really stand out against the body color.


If you really want to attract a crowd, try chopping the top 2 inches and painting it red with whitewalls and Mercury hubcaps.


In memory of Bob McCoy  –  how about a nice flame job on your sedan,


Tim built this basic black beauty for a customer and showed us how to build a plain Jane that is beautiful.


The license plate has the answer – 1 Fine 40!  I prefer the deluxe model but many prefer the standard grille and hood.

Friday’s Forties!


My choice for now is a sedan delivery. They offer lots of room and since they are rare, you won’t see yourself coming down the highway .(41 std)


My number one desire is a sedan with 4 doors and wood sides which Henry called a station wagon. This is Gray’s brothers car which he has owned for many years.

 For Sale  

38 Ford d


38 Ford a

38 Ford b

38 Ford c

A  rare 39 Ford convertible sedan has come up for sale and is over restored to perfection. If you have an interest let me know and I will connect you with the owner. These don’t come cheap.

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