Friday “Night Moves” Raining Today

“I woke up this morning to sound of thunder and I began to wonder“…Bob Seager 1962, working on Night Moves without any clues, is one of my favorite songs. I lived and worked in the Detroit area right out of college and was a big fan. Jane and I went to some of his concerts and really to this day enjoy his music. Today, I working on my day moves trying to keep dry. We certainly need rain and lots of it, so I will spend the day in the garage.

Yesterday, I went to Pasadena to help my friend Bob, photograph a beautiful 1947 Ford convertible. Traffic was bad, but when I arrived he had the car ready to go. This is a really nice car that I should purchase. I like 1946 1948 Ford convertibles and have owned several of them. The car is for sale and pricey, but probably worth it. Following are some photos of the car and a few more for your viewing.

Dallas did show the world that they, once again, can play football, but they had to hurt Favre to make it happen. Too bad!

Have a great weekend and stay out in the garage.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s new 47 Ford convert. Nice setting for a beautiful car. Dark Blue with Cream interior, sits perfect.


Side view showing stance and Real Wheels. It needs WW’s and steelies to be perfect. The car has a Mll, 350/700r4, 9 inch, AC, CD, etc. All yours for $75 big ones….a little pricey for these cars right now.


Gabe’s famous upholstery work using stock seats out of a sedan. A little big, but very comfortable. Note steering wheel and dash treatment. Very nice and pleasing to the eye.


The trunk wasn’t overlooked either. Tool storage and battery are behind closed panel in rear.


Local beauty for sale for a lot less money and just as nice. I like the maroon one a lot.

Sneak Peek


Boyds first hand made all aluminum Deuce. Fabricated by Craig Naff and currently owned by Walt Baynes. This car caused much controversy as the proportions were not like a real Deuce in any shape or form.

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