Friday in Pomona

I am writing this on Thursday so I haven’t been to Pomona but lots of photos are available on Facebook. I will copy/forward a few to let you see what others have thought about this year’s Hot Rods. There are 13 total roadsters in contention and you can see them all on I can’t wait until tomorrow when they are all in place for the public to see. It was 77° I’m Pomona today so shorts and T-shirts were the dress code for set up day. We are forecasting a storm for late Saturday so I hope it holds. I have added some more photos and will furnish more GNRS on Monday.

Some other nice cars have come across my desk and I thought I would show some on this beautiful day in LA. I love the in progress photos and the Hot Rods you have owned for many years.

Have a great weekend and if local come to Pomona for the GNRS.

Stay Tooned!



Brandon Glymph photos from FB.


This is the Jimmy Shine entry for his new business.


I don’t know anything about this one but I like the style.

12592550_10207324162215917_3777502827459033271_n 12654341_10207324169536100_7749241595469776921_n

This is the one that I liked from Brandon’s nice photos —Jon Wright owner


Darryl’s beauty is one of the contenders for the AMBR trophy. (FB photo)


Roy had this beauty in his booth. Love the wheel color with the green body.

photo 5

I received these photos from Dennis who has owned this Rag for many years.

photo 4

Clean is an understatement for a street driven car.

photo 1

How about this floor pan for clean — Are you sure you just didn’t finish the car!!!

40 ford conv 002

Dave stopped by a shop and this 40 was sitting in the parking lot.

40 ford conv 004

Here is a 40 rag undergoing the custom treatment with stretched doors and laid back windshield. Not sure why they lengthened the doors maybe for a shorter top.

40 ford conv 001

The rear has the exhaust coming through the lower panel.


Jimmy Shine’s shop has his father’s 34 coupe underway with an Olds engine.


Some nice work being done at Walden’s on a 34 chassis. Haze City radius rods.


A nice little 33 sedan hiboy would make a sweet coffee shop runner.

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