Friday Fords

Yesterday was the funeral for Ed and what a great turnout of Hot Rods and people. Ed was sent off in a great fashion with 100 plus of his closest friends. A very sad time for all of us, but Ed is happy now and looking for new roadster buddies.

We will miss Ed and his fantastic recall of every event known to man.

Friday’s Fords are as follows:

Stay Tooned!



My 40 coupe that I did not finish, this was the old Crankshaft company coupe for the 60’s


Rear garage shot, black plate, car is still in town being completed by Bob


Tim’s newest 40 coupe, note super stance and profile, steel wheels, Cloud Mist Gray paint, right on!


Rear view of stance and long decklid, remember the drive – in movie theaters.


Tim’s wife does the interior design and it looks great.


Note neat rear compartment for CD changer and stuff!


Door panel design blends nicely with interior pattern.

Sneak Peek


Have a great weekend!

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