Friday’ Feature

Busy, busy, busy…I have been working hard on two cars to get ready for the Winter months ahead. It is going to be 90 degrees today, so no worry so far. Today I will feature some shots of various frames that people have sent me as well as my roadster project. The wife is in Mexico, so I can store the Quick Change in the kitchen while she is away. I encourage wifes to take long vacations, so their husbands can work on their cars. Here are some photos to view.

Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Pewsplace@gmail., or


Dave’s 40 chassis for his tudor sedan. Work in progress.


My 33 roadster chassis being assembled by me. Lots of pieces, where do they go?


Center x member detail all removable for ease of changing things. I am famous for this…change!


Front x member detail with boxing plates, holes, etc.


Frame under body ready to drop over and final fitting.


Installed and ready to go to the paint shop for the body work and black paint. Yes!

Sneak Peek


Nates 41 Ford sedan delivery that has Bonneville history. The car has not moved from this driveway in 12 years that I have lived in Simi Valley. I have offered to purchased it several time….I am going to fix it up some day!

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