Friday’ Feature

Fridays are fun days for me. First, I must turn in my football pool. I have been last in the first two weeks so I spent more time on the selection this week. Next, I am headed to Frantic’s to see what is going on in his shop. He has not been real busy so I hope he has made a lot of progress on his Chevy. While in the neighborhood, I am going to check out a 327 that is available from Bob. I like 327’s and would like to put together a 327/350 for the delivery. I love the sound of the 350 cam and hydraulic lifters that are noisy (Rhoades). I also like the looks of the camel hump heads with no holes. The cool Vintage Air front mount unit painted black requires no bolts in the heads. My first Corvette was a new 1965 convert with a 327/350 engine and 4:56 gears. Youth (19) has it way of altering ones thinking. Finally, I can spend some time taking the front fenders off the car.

The temperatures are again in the triple digits so all work must be done in the AM.

Have a great weekend and …

Stay Tooned!



57 wagon was really an eye catcher. Gloss black paint and detailed every place you looked.


Surprise engine was a Hemi engine. Green accents stood out against the black paint.


While not a delivery, you could haul a lot of stuff back here… even me.


As promised more on the super 34 Ford 4 door. Lots of time and $$$ went into this car. IFS, Ford motor, Tom Sewell $$ interior and unique wheel caps.


Tom did a superb job on this interior. Stock pattern fits the theme of the car.


Back seat offers passengers plenty of room.


Woodgrained dash was the painters first attempt. Watch out Bob.


Rear shot showing spare tire mount. You don’t see these very often. I had a Potter’s trunk on mine. Jim Smith built the ultimate 34 tudor with a Potter trunk.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Sharon’s Fat Jack built tudor of the 80’s. Lil John had a lot of influence on this car. Still looks great today and is driven everywhere.

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