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Holiday Weekend and I am getting ready for the Fillmore Show tomorrow. Frantic said he was going and some of my other friends are headed that way also. The show fills up early so I will leave about 7:00 am to arrive and secure a good parking spot. The wife is in Las Vegas so I have all weekend for cars.

Bobo’s wife and he grew up around the Joe Nitti roadster. She was featured in TRJ #9 as one of the models. I did a search and found a nice article on the web about the car. The pictures are from Rod and Custom Magazine and were taken during the restoration by Dave Crouse and Son. I saw this car at the 75th and fell in love with it. Bobo states that is was very nice and very fast originally. This was “the” roadster in LA back then. Pat just finished his roadster which is patterned after Nitti’s car. Pat has been working on the car for a long time and it turned out beautiful. The car ranks right up there with Nitti’s in my book. JJ has some more photos of Pat’s car just do a search.

Here are some photos of the Nitti car and some miscellaneous photos.

Have a safe Independence Day and see you on Monday with the weekend update.

Stay Tooned!



Nitti car with high headlight bar. Model yours after this one and you will do just fine.


Don’t let anyone tell you that hidden hinges are an 80’s Boyd deal. Here is a photo of Joe’s back in the 40’s. Neat job.


I love this interior and dash. I have never seen another one like it.


Restoration shot at Crouse’s shop. Coming along nicely.


Driveway staged shot is one of the most famous photos of the car.


Just compeleted is Pat’s roadster patterned after Joe’s.. sort of. Very nice job.


Rear picture showing stance and whitewall tires.


Dave did the interior in white and it looks period correct and similar to Nittis’s car.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


Lou told me this car was stolen recently. Not many 39 SD’s around so this should be easy to locate.


Jim’s HRG in OK has a nice sedan T-shirt by Jimmy Smith. I want one. Dave has one.

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