Freaky Friday

I am in the Bay area for my daughter’s wedding and thought I would post a few more photos from the LARS. I know the internet is full of them but I tell a story with the photo which it what most of you prefer. I take lots of photos which provides me with the details of the car which often escapes my old mind. I am an avid photographer with no skills but a desire to improve in the coming months. I have a good friend, Max, who is a professional photographer and is going to teach me about using a new Canon camera he has purchased. I use a Canon point and shoot as well as my iPhone which provides images that sometimes are not so great. I am doing this for myself as the internet photos need not be perfect. I truly admire a well focused photograph done by someone who knows what they are doing. I hope to improve my images in the next few months.

I am over the roadster fever for this year and will focus more on 34’s and 40’s. When your interests are as varied as mine, it is hard not to switch your thoughts to the latest cool hot rod you saw. I did manage to snap a few photos of some 34’s & 40’s but not many. If any of you have some photos of your project send me a photo and a brief description and I will post it on my blog. I am not into show cars but real drivers are my passion. Some drivers are show cars to begin with but after many miles on the road begin to show their age. I try to clean Pepe after each trip and without a lift it is hard to maintain the undercarriage. I manage to clean the shiny stuff under the front suspension about every two weeks and wheels about once a week. Disc brakes cause lots of dust and grime in just a few short miles. My Halibrands show the polished Wilwood calipers and inner wheel rim which seem to attract dirt immediately. I am looking for a spray to simply keep them clean but I haven’t found one I like. If you drive ’em, you gotta clean ’em. The wife is good with the wheels so I put her in charge of that chore.

Forty Ford Day is Sunday and I will miss it again this year due to the wedding. I am sure someone will send me some photos. I wanted to go and see if they have any special plans for the 75th Anniversary next year. Deuce’s attract the promoters but the 40 has a lot of followers also. Do you remember the “40 is 50 Tour” in 1990 which was a huge success. I would also think the GNRS may have bldg. 9 dedicated to the 40 Ford. Hopefully, John Buck has been advised and will be seeking entrants. The Forties Limited should pursue this venue as soon as possible. We can fill the building easily and maybe some history making cars could be persuaded to bring their cars to the show. Just a thought!

Enjoy yourself and keep it between the white lines.

Stay Tooned!


A row of 40’s makes me drool when they are all this nice. The black convert is Daves and the rest are from the East Coast. All were driven across the country to attend the 50th Anniversary of the LARS.

Chad Adams had a trio of fresh roadsters on display. He has the look down perfect. Steve and I now are beginning to like the Stanley Wanless windshield. They start at $50K!

Seldom seen is the 5 window coupe done in the resto-rod style. I loved this one.

A 1937 Ford truck was completed in a subtle but classic style. I do like the trucks.

I don’t know how this 40 coupe was able to park with the roadsters but I am glad he did. Black, 5-spokes and proper stance made it a winner.

Tom Davison also liked this MI based shoebox of Bob Adams. He can sure take some super images.

The Ray Varga Tub was on display and John was in seventh heaven when I sent him the photos.

Flush mounted skirts were the rage in the early days of hot rodding as were pencil tips and sunken license plates.

Parked next to Pepe was one of my reader’s cars that he drove from Louisville. Clean is the word.

SAR had this fantastic 39 convert on display in their booth in bldg. 4. Everything that comes from this shop is first class.

A very special blown flathead motor occupied the engine bay. These are show cars but in this case…..I am jealous. Truly a beautiful car everywhere you look.

Here is another amazing flathead in a Deuce hiboy.

Bob built this 33 Cabriolet to satisfy someone and I thought it was one of the best of the breed at the show.

I think the 33 dash is one of the best and ranks right up there with the 40 dash. Tow Sewell interior.

Deuce Favorite of Many!

Cam Grant’s Deuce has been around for a few years but still deserves a second look. Lots of details and unique items.

Not your normal Deuce rear end. Frame rail notches, teardrop covers, tail lights license plate light and louvers all are one off items.

Helmets for disc brake covers are a clever design. Blisters are for a Buick Nailhead engine.

Rod end covers and blister can be seen in this photo. Lots of thought went into the build of his latest roadster. He has built several.

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