Frantic Fred Friday

I spent yesterday morning at Frantic Freds taking some pictures for the blog and ebay. Fred and Lou are two of the nicest people in the business and will help you with your construction problems. Recently Fred had some bad luck, cutting his hand in a car fan and loosing a tire tread at about 70 miles per hour. I think today is the day to warn all Street/Hot Rodders about keeping their hands out of electric or mechanical fans and checking the age of their tires. Fans should be obvious but tires may not be. Tires have a life of about four to five years and while they may look good they can go bad. Have a look at what happened to Fred.

Stay Tooned!



Fred’s daily driver, extended door sedan delivery, SBC, auto, IFS, Nine inch, Fred’s White


Tire that threw a casing at 70 mph


Extensive damage to fender and rear panel


Lou’s daily driver that Fred built, 56 2 door wagon, red and white, TPI, auto


New TCI frame for a very nice 40 coupe from Simi Valley, Crate 383/425 with lots of bling!

Fred can do it all


John’s new 46 convert, super stance, IFS, 302, resto rod

Sneak Peek


Available for adoption $32,000

1948 convert stock

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