Forty Fords Forever

I have been so hung up on roadsters that I have neglected my delivery and the 40 Fords I love. I had Pepe’s brakes bled today and he is back on the road. Donnie used his power bleeder and it was an easy job except you have to pull the wheels and tires to bleed the Wilwood calipers. Each caliper has an inner and outer bleeder screw. The hardest part of the whole process was putting the two metal hold down clips back on the master cylinder. Remember he did this laying on his back with a fresh new knee. Thanks Donnie!

I have several of my favorite 40’s for you today. The coupe, sedan, sedan delivery, convertible and my favorite the rare Woodie station wagon. I have owned all except the Woodie so it’s on my bucket list. If you have a 40 Ford I’m sure you will enjoy today’s selection

Stay Tooned!


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The Vanilla shake coupe has the best of everything.

Red 40 Woodies are not that rare and stand out at the Forty Ford Day Show.

The 40 rag top is looking good on the grass. If you have your hood open you will be judged.

The very nice CMG delivery was the hit of the show.

Six figure woodies in this driveway. Bruce always has the best at his dealership.

Found in a barn in Nova Scotia this 40’s wood was surprisingly in great shape and usable. Unfortunately, some of the metal had significant rust issues but still a saveable Woodie.

Another 40 in that driveway which commanded some big bucks.

I like this version of the 40 standard convertible.

The rag top looks good with the top down also.

Nice black delivery was all shined up for the cruise night.

Perfect setting for Date Night! Walking on the beach bare footed and holding hands.

I like the convertible done in the tan color with dark Red wheels or Maroon.

You have to love your basic Black 40 coupe with red wheels.

My high school buddy Dave has this chopped convert that I drool over ever Tuesday.

I have owned a coupe of these over the years and really liked them for the family cruises.

High School Hot Rod is a perfect choice for the Suede Palace show.

The Bend Boys build some nice sedans like this standard model. Super clean approach to a nice ride.

Steve owned this nice convert that I admired over the years. I lost track of where it ended up.

Roy did some work on Bruce’s 40 standard Woodie. They look good in BRG.

One more basic Black 40 with red wheels.

My first convert looked like this with the patina paint and shabby interior. My kids loved it with the top down and cruising the beach!

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