Forty Ford Monday

Jane and I motored on down to Anaheim for the big Forty Ford day. The layout was different from my previous visits due to the drought that played havoc with the grassy fields of past. We found Walt and the group and was certainly surprised to see a huge turnout of 1940 Fords as well as other makes and models. The show has always been one of our favorites and is always very well organized,  as they have been doing it for many years. The weather wasn’t too bad and we were in the shade under a canopy. Dave supplied his delicious Tri-Tip beef and Lorraine brought her special cole slaw. Jane brought our health foods of strawberries and Pineapple. I kept busy shooting photos and talking to owners that I knew plus a few new ones. Time passed quickly and we were soon having lunch, bench racing and looking at more cars.  The trophies were awarded at 2:00 pm and our gal Valerie won “Best Commercial” with her new 40 Woody! I knew the traffic would be bad so we packed up and headed home. Surprisingly, the traffic was not bad and we made it home in an hour.

Forty Ford Day is the work of the Forties Limited of Orange County and they are to be commended on another great show. We will be back next year.

Meanwhile in Santa Cruz, the Woodies on the Wharf were enjoying their weekend with the beautiful wooden cars in scenic Santa Cruz.

Life is just plain better while driving a Hot Rod !! Agree!

Stay Tooned!


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Camp was set up when we arrived and the party started. A wonderful group of car people who enjoy life in their cars.


Most of the registration and show was under the trees, which at 90+ degrees, was a blessing.


I didn’t catch the count but I would think that at least 250 1940 Fords and another 100 Hot Rods.


If your hood was closed your car would not be judged.


If you hood was open then your car is judged for one of the cool home maid prizes they present to the winners.


The prizes are donated by the club members and are always cherished.


The dash was very clean looking in this sedan delivery.


The delivery was very well done and was for sale for $65K.


The silver coupe with a saddle interior was a knockout for me. Nice 40 coupe!


JR’s former 40 standard is always crowd pleaser.


The interior is basically stock and detailed with new Mohair.


A clean and simple engine compartment makes the car a super driver.


Jim is a noted 40 Ford builder in the LA area and has built several over the years. His attention to detail is top notch.


The beige coupe was a winner in my book.


Jim (34) and Jim, Sr. (40), a father and son team, and part of our group drove over for the day. Jim senior is 90 years old and still going strong. My idol!


The 40 pickup is always a favorite of many. I thought this simple truck had the classic look I like in trucks.


Walt had Ruby for sale and had lots of interested parties. If you have been holding back, take a look in the For Sale section and give him a call.


I have wanted this 4o convertible for a long time and it has never been for sale.


He replaced the gray velour with Maroon leather and I just loved it.


Val won “Best Commercial” with her new 40 Woody. Congrats Valeri!


New to Rich and Val is this very nice 40 Woody.

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