Forty Ford Day

Now that we are done with roadsters, the Forty Ford show takes place this coming weekend. I have been attending this show for  over thirty years and have never been disappointed with the turnout. It is an older crowd, most who have owned their forties for many years and continue to support the show. The Forties Limited of Orange County produces the show and do a great job. A few years ago they opened it up to later models to help cover their cost. This is true of most shows today.

The venue is a nice large grassy park that can hold several hundred cars. We go as a group and have a wonderful day enjoying the cars and the camaraderie of the group. This is our same group as the woodie folks. The most difficult time is the returning on Sunday night with all the traffic we have in LA. It’s worth the effort for me to go and I have never been let down.

Lets look at some Forty Fords today.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

The infield is filled with forty Fords early in the morning.

Craig has been working on his pickup for a long time and it shows it.

I love convertibles and this one was parked right next to us this past weekend.

40 & 41 sedan deliveries are welcome in the show as they were very similar.

If your hood is up your car will be judged for an award.

Pickups are very popular despite the small cockpit.

My favorite is the woodie wagon.

Tim built this CMG beauty for a Dentist and I love it.

Sedans are real popular also.

Coupes are the most popular of those in attendance. Many are stock and others have late model drivetrains.

Pastel colors are showing up on the Forties and I like the shades chosen.

Folkstone Gray is another popular stock color that is being used a lot.

Roy built this killer truck for a customer and I just love the color.

I look at this one ever year and drool. He changes the wheels to Apple Green for a different look.

Sedan deliveries are rare but they show up for the show. Black paint shows off body work.

I you prefer steel wheels this one will fit you perfectly.

Sometimes a show car shows up such as this sedan.

The boys from OR can build some of the best forties around.

Am award winner from a few years ago look good in green.

Hitting the road in a sedan is the way to go. Plenty of room and comfort for those long hauls.

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