Ford Trucks 1932-34

I spent 40 years in the truck business and have always admired the early 1932-4 trucks from Ford. Over the years I continued to look them over whenever I saw one and took lots of photos. I tend to like the highboy style but fenders are nice also. Today, I will feature some of the early style trucks that have caught my eye over the years. I also will point out the differences in the often confused 32-34 Ford pickups. They are different but the cabs can be used on either chassis. UPI, the makers of the Deuce 5-window, will be offering a new cab to save you some money on restoration costs. I have seen their ads lately and suspect they will have one at the GNRS. They had fenders and door at the LARS.

The biggest problem I always had with the pickup was that it was very small in the cabin for a 6’+ driver like myself. I have ridden in them with chopped tops and become claustrophobic after a short period of time. My friend Tom, who is taller than me, stretched his cab 5″ and is very comfortable driving down the road. The rear fenders and doors can be expensive if you are missing them so be sure to purchase a complete cab when searching for your new 32-34 Ford truck. If you are like me and like roadsters then how about a roadster pickup from Brookville. All new metal and you will be on your way to a beautiful new pickup truck.

If there is a truck in your future you may enjoy today’s blog and if not, you may want one next!

Stay Tooned!



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32 Ford pickup 002

My friend Dave has this Farm Truck with a sbc and has lots of fun and admirers. It is highly accessorized with his collectables.


Dave and Bobo drive their trucks to Toppers when it’s truck day.

E Bay 13 025

Dave’s neighbor stopped by in his 34 truck. There is a big difference in these trucks. The chassis, bed length and front end are all different.


The 32 -33 only have two ribs around the belt line.


You can see this is a 32 cab with the removable firewall.


Here is a better shot of the third top rib on the 34 cab. The 33 – 3 only had two ribs.


The 32 dash has an opening just like the passenger cars.


The 33-4 has a stamped oval with holes for the gauges.


The 32 has a standard passenger car firewall that bolts in place.


The 33-34 has a welded in firewall that extends into the engine compartment and allows more room under the dash.


Dan’s beautiful stock appearing Deuce pickup is one of the nicest I have seen.


I love everything about this little Deuce pickup.


Made famous by Jimmy Shine this 34 has been all over the world and brought big $$$ at BJ.


I do like this painted 34 with a slight chopped top.


Really nice highboy black beauty hits home with me.


Plain Jane hammered pickup is just right for cruising.


The top reveal can clearly be seen on this 34 pickup.


The passenger car Deuce shell is used on a lot of hot rod trucks as they are not so large and look good.


A stock height Deuce sure looks good sitting next to the 34 delivery.


Tom lengthened his cab so he would fit better for long trips.

12-3 34 pu eugene show

The finished product turned out to be a show winner.


Gary at Cornhusker builds some nice Deuce trucks for himself and customers.


Gary’s chassis always carries the perfect rake for a Deuce no matter what body style.


Add fenders and you have a completely different looking truck.


Since it’s GNRS month why not build a RPU with all new metal from Brookville. Roy built this one George and it’s a winner.

Picture 259

Steve built one with fenders and was a finalist for the AMBR award.

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