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The news for GM retirees is not good. The news for the whole world is not good. The news for Hot Rodders is fantastic. Cars are still the best investment you can make and enjoy while waiting for some good news to come your way. My friend and I went to look at Bob’s 40 coupe he has for sale. The coupe is very cute and shinny but it is not the one. I am not positive I will ever find one that suits me but I have a great time pursuing the vehicles.

I found a pictures of my last 40 coupe that I purchased in 2001 from a hanger in Burbank. The car was the old Crankshaft Company’s car and had been stored for 30 years. I had four other cars at the time so I basically stored the car in the garage. I am happy to report that my friend BO has the car and is finishing the work I started.

Today’s feature cars are 32 sedan bodies I have found and some finished examples.

Please note the Pasadena Roadster Club Reliability Run will be in May. This is the best event going if you like old roadsters. Last year, Bruce Meyer drove the Doane Spencer car….maybe the McGee car this year.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s tree car. The car came first and then the tree was planted.


Here is the cute 40 standard coupe of Bob’s.


The car has a 350/350, 9 inch with a dropped axle and parallel leafs.


Vinyl interior in a 50’s pattern. The stock seat is power.


Here is a Michigan tudor with a decent body and no wheel wells.


Perfect body on Deuce Factory frame. Price 25K without frame. Mint body.


Decent 4 door from MA. North Dakota car rust free and available for $10K plus shipping.


Four door Hiboy’s look good to me. Here is Gary’s from Colorado. Stock height looks O.K.


Chuck’s super nice 4 door has the look with a slight chop. Kennedy boys did this one.



What is all the fuss about? It is just an Old Deuce.

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