Friday’s Feature on Sunday

I missed Friday so I am doing this post on Sunday morning when I should be at the Long Beach Swap Meet. I have attended the Long Beach meet for over 20 years and always found it worthwhile. They changed the layout of the vendors and the source of early Ford parts has dried up so the only good thing about the meet is seeing old friends and swapping lies. Maybe next month.

Today’s feature is another 32 Hiboy roadster that was just completed by Steve Moal for JR. I know, another Hiboy, just like the all the rest. No, this one is different and has some great history. Mike started this car several years ago with idea of cloning the double nickel car that Thelan built several years ago for Morris. Mike unfortunately passed away and the car was stored in Steve’s garage for a while until purchased by JR, one of Mike’s best friends. The car has very subtle body work that was performed by Steve Davis and finished by Moal. The subtle style makes this car a stand out. The car does not resemble the double nickel car, now owned by Tim Allen, but has it’s own unique style. I am sure JR will have fun driving this car as he does drive his cars. Thanks to JR for completing Mike’s dream and making one of his come true.

A very beautiful Deuce.

Stay Tooned!



JR’s new Deuce in P-Town.


Sewell interior with unique leather and color. Looks like Ostrich to me and is beige in color. The color goes great with the dark blue color. Door pattern matches the Delahaye dash panel. Very nice touch.


Another Moal touch is the front pan between the frame horns.


Yes, it has a Halibrand QC rear axle and Steve painted it a dark gray color which tones it down from the original polished version. Mike had QC in his yellow 3 window also.


Another Moal trademark with a DuVall windshield is the dual cowl vents. These come in handy going down the road.


The engine really sounds good and has a rare set of Gurney Westlake heads which were also on the double nickel. Art Chrisman built the motor and Tom Walsh did the final tuning. Note Moal built air cleaner. WOW!


Pete Eastwood made this radius rod covers famous over the years and were also on the orginial double nickel car of Morris’s. Pete built the chassis for Morris’s car.


The trunk is fulled detailed with fuel tank and battery box. Aluminum panels are painted, not upholstered. Super look for this style car.



Another one of the JR clan, Jim, has a very nice yellow Deuce Hiboy. Everyone needs a least one Deuce Hiboy in their collection.

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