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Yesterday flew by and I forgot about writing my blog. I am working on the house, the Woody and Andre. Lou thinks I need to stay focused on one project and he is right. I jump all over the place and then look for a new project. Some might think I get bored with one project and therefore, move on to another. I don’t ever get bored I just like to do different things each day. This blog is part of my life and I really enjoy doing it. I especially enjoy all the people I have met and corresponded with over the past 3 years. People who have the same passion as I do about old hot rods are what keeps me active in this hobby.

My automotive background has allowed me to work with people all over the world and in almost every place I have worked there was a gearhead or two that I connected with. The same is true today, people young and old are still pursuing the hot rod hobby in one form or another. Sure, they may not all be Deuces or Forties, but the vehicle of choice is being modified to meet the owners perspective. The blend today is quite different from my youth, or is it. Growing up in a small town in Illinois in the fifties, early Fords and Chevrolets were popular. In 1955 when I was only fourteen years old the 265 cubic inch Chevy entered the scene and by the time I was 16 my favorite car was a 55 chevy post, not a 40 coupe which I was driving. I later traded my coupe for a clapped out 55 ( remember cars rust in the Midwest) and handed over a few bucks to the owner. I later moved into Corvettes and purchased my first one while in College. As you can see, it is not much different today. New Mustangs, Camaro’s and Chargers are the current rage. Old Fords are still popular to all age brackets but so are the new cars including the foreign brands. I personally think this cycle will never end unless the government puts us out of business. We can’t let that happen.

Events like NSRA, Goodguys, Pebble Beach, LARS, Hershey and many more will still be around for the younger generation to enjoy if we do our homework today.

Have a great weekend and I will see you on the Beach in Santa Barbara.

Stay Tooned!


Someone wanted to see the engine in Gary’s 37 Woody. Here is the only photo I could locate. He is a detail freak. Nice work from the Sonoma embroidery genius.

I always had a soft spot in my heart for Lobecks old convert. Barry just passed it on but the car had a lot of appeal to most folks who love these fat rags.

I am not hung up on Folkstone gary but it sure makes a classy subdued color on a 40 coupe.

Sid’s style is certainly the main stay of a Brizio built hiboy roadster. I think he could do these in his sleep.

How about a bone stock hot rod Deuce sedan, black and beautiful. I will take it.

Here is another 40 dash in a 34 roadster. Wescott offers this combination for another $200. I prefer the stock 33/4 but this looks good also.

An unchopped Deuce hiboy sedan doesn’t look bad either…naw, the top must get a haircut to be cool.

This 40 needs nothing but me as a driver. Black, red steelies and Wide whites. Steve V is shining his getting it ready for P-Town next week.

It has to believe that I would build a car like this but this is my old coupe from my Boyd days. Gary who I purchased the car from in the 70’s is no longer with us but I am sure he would not like the “Boyd influence” I put on his cherry coupe. This was a Michigan car with no rust, never hit and no patch panels. I kept the frame and put it under my sedan while Boyd built a hi-tech chassis for the new owner in Georgia. Walt needs this one.

Today’s roadster…concept only so far!

Super Star, Thom did this drawing for a GM guy and I ended up with the sketch which stuck in my mind for the last several years. Lucy, who is sitting in the garage below me was inspired by Thom’s drawing. I love the look of 34 hiboy roadsters. Thanks, Thom.

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