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Thanks to my son, Pewsplace is back in business and works much better. You may have noticed the unusual screens lately and I won’t go into detail but that has been fixed. Thanks for continuing to follow Pewsplace where you can enjoy Hot Rods and related events three times a week.

Jane and I just returned from the Back Road Boys trip to Santa Barbara via the “Back Roads.” The rain provided a scenic drive with green country side, hills and mountains as we wound around the normally dry areas. We had 15 cars in total and all enjoyed the day in our HotRods. Some days are just made for driving and yesterday was one of them. Pepe ran perfectly and now has around a 1000 miles on the rebuild. My knee has about 6 months and held up well also. Hopefully, I can continue this pace for the rest of the year with very little down time with Pepe or my aging body.

We are approaching roadster month and I hope to feature both new and old style roadsters in my blogs. I may even have a borrowed roadster to drive to the show. I am more than willing to pay the entry fee of $50 to see the greatest display of roadsters you will ever see.

June is Roadster Month

Stay Tooned!



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The Back Road Boys heading out for Santa Barbara. The ladies are always welcome on our tours.

Frank and Jill drove their new cabriolet on the tour. This is a beautiful Hot Rod.

The roads were in good shape and no one had problems which made for a great outing.

The day was gorgeous  and we had the whole front porch.

Dave scored the perfect parking spot at the Summerland Beach Cafe. He has over 150,000 miles on his tub and still going strong. This is a former Neal East car with lots of history.

The Santa Barbara Pier is always a relaxing spot for some ice cream dessert. The weather was perfect for our outing.

The shoreline and mountains can be seen from the Pier and the Pacific was as calm as I have seen it in a while.

Parking on the Pier can be tough but we managed to squeeze into a comfy spot. We didn’t need the Life Ring!!


Nice way to end the day in Santa Barbara is  by driving home the dream Pacific Coast Highway. (PCH)

Ray and Brian have two of my favorite Hot Rods. I think Brian mows the grass with his 3-window!!

Sherm’s SLO Roadsters had some beautiful Hot Rods in attendance this year. This is a local LA Roadster club member 34 Cabriolet.

I love to see these roaring roadsters traveling the highways. (Louie Mayall photo)

Deuce guys love racing and bring their own accommodations.

I received this photo from a reader and thought you might like to see the latest version from Brookville and JHRS

Here is the one Brookville had on display a few years ago which was the design I prefer. Not sure what happened to it but I believe it is still in LA.

I like the lines and proportions of the stock style over the current two-door style.

We have a tudor version going together in LA which has far better proportions than the new Brookville. (IMHO)

JEB’s did the tin work and it’s amazing .

Here is a current two-door Phaeton that has a good look with the Duvall windshield.

The late Bob Kolmos built my favorite tudor Phaeton. 108″ wheelbase and doors shortened did the trick at Boyds. Super profile by Thom Taylor.

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