Fifty Years of Fun with Cars

The NSRA’s 5oth Anniversary show is probably going to attract the largest number of cars and spectators that have ever attended this event in Louisville. Several of my friends are driving from LA and also attended the first event in Peoria, IL 1970.

Jane and I attended the Peoria event also. Small by today’s numbers, but was just as exciting to see the West Coast cars make it to Illinois. The rest is history and will forever be in the minds of those who attended. The birth of “Fun with Cars” and “Street is Neat was born.

I am not able to make the event but wish NSRA all the success for “Keeping the flame burning” all these years.

Stay Tooned!


Aug 1-4, 2019
Kentucky Exposition Center
Louisville, KY
You will see all kinds of cars from early iron to late models.
!940 Fords will be on display along with many other models.
Fresh restorations will also be on display for your viewing.
One-of cars should show up in groves for the 50th.
The Fat Girls also are popular with older Rodder’s.
Shoeboxe’s are popular also.
The 49-51 Wagons are really nice Woodies.
The sedan delivery is always a nice way to travel across the country. Lots of room.
Alloway always has some crowd pleasers on display.
I’m sure there will be some special cars on display in some of the booths.
Customs are looking good at events this year.
Nomads always have followers.
Corvettes are welcome also.
Wagons are really great cross country rides

Old school 34 sedans still hold a place in my heart.
1935 roadsters are showing up everywhere.
My favorite is the rest rod style on the 40 rag.
Hard to beat the large wagons for room and comfort.
There will still be plenty of these for us old guys to view. Deuce Doings is always present.



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