Fiberglass Friday

I know fiberglass cars are no longer popular with many and several FG companies have closed their doors due to the popularity of repo metal bodies from Brookville. I am still a fan and Poppy is a Wescott body built by Boyd. He built several of them in the 80-90’s. Most are still going strong and look great. I don’t dispute the value depreciation with FG cars and that is the theme of this post. If you can live with the stigma attached to these cars you can obtain some great deals on these Hot Rods. I have sold several FG and repo metal Deuces this year for $30-35K and the owners are very happy — as I am with my Wescott roadster. Driving down the road is what makes me a happy man, especially if I built the car. But as age takes over and escalating cost make building prohibitive, I prefer to look for the FG Hot Rods and will continue to do. That’s not to say if a deal on a real deal comes up I won’t jump on it but that doesn’t happen in our area very often. Enjoy the photos of some very nice FG Hot Rods.

Thanks Greg and Sonya/Shane for the photos in today’s post.


Stay Tooned!




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Lucy is a Wescott body and Ray drives the wheels off the roadster.

Benny drives his Brizio/Wescott to all of the LARS events.

Roy built this owner two almost identical roadsters this color. The Black one is also a Wescott.

One of my favorites is the beauty from SO-CAL employee and GMT.

Wayne’s is certainly a beautiful example of a 33 3 widnow.

My friend Dave’s Wescott is as old as Poppy.

In the 80’s Gibbon built a few 33/4 Phaetons that are still running strong.

Not sure whose body this is but I know it’s glass.


I shot this one when he was out here with Lobeck for the LARS. Wescott body.

Bob puts together lots of Deuces like this Wescott tub.

Kevin and Greg are building my favorite hiboy roadster with a glass body from NZ.

Bob has another Wescott body for sale if you want to build your Tub. See the HAMB.

Real Deals

For my Chevrolet fans this low rider is looking good.

Sonya, who loves Mustangs, also loves customs like this beautiful Chevrolet. She adds some real beauty and class to Pewsplace. Thanks Shane(Car Photos) for the photo.


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