February’s Sweetheart

Yes, Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year where we send flowers and candy to our sweetie. We also start to think about driving our Hot Rods again to the various meets across the country which means they must be in tip top shape. I have work to do on both Poppy and Pepe during this month so they will be fresh for the new season. Our first outing will be at the end of the month.

Work in progress on Poppy has challenged all of my friends to find out the problem with the shutting down of the systems without notice. A learning system is required in order to be prepared for repairing a failure on the road. One thing is obvious is working on Poppy. Critical items such as the coil, resistor and fuse panel need to be more easily accessible for replacement. You shouldn’t have to remove the interior to replace the coil. Working under a dash when you are up there in age is difficult. My friend placed his systems under the seat for easy access and others place the items on the engine for easy testing and replacement. I will replace the items in a more accessible place.

I’m looking forward to driving the roadster now that the weather is in the 80’s. Pepe is used daily, and still runs perfect and provides lots fun for my driving pleasure. If you can’t drive your Hot Rod then I don’t see the need to take up garage space for dreaming only. A project Hot Rod is always welcome at Pewsplace.


Stay Tooned!


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Don’t forget you Sweetie on Valentine’s Day! Maybe she will let you buy this gorgeous 40 coupe.

Jeff has his newly finished stunning coupe for sale.

The black interior goes well with the exterior color.

The OEM look is popular in forties and I like the look. See the For Sale Section.

This Fat Girl has the look I like, simple but elegant in style and smooth riding Hot Rod.

I know some parts of the world have the white stuff but you can still pull them out and dream.

This Bass built roadster has all the right ingredients to scream Hot Rod!

Deuces can be made to be different by changing the wheels and windshield.

Perfect proportions on this 33 make it a standout. GMT did body work.

Bob has owned some really nice 5 -windows like this one.

The late Bob Bauder built this winner and drove it everywhere.

Roy did some magic on this body and transformed it into a beautiful hiboy with Ardun heads.

The 36 Phaeton makes a nice reporter’s ride when chasing the stories around LA.

A subtle Folkstone Gray convert looks classy in the driveway.

Another beautiful 46 rag with red wheels. A standard in today’s builds of these classy rags!

Mr. Bickle builds some nice woodies like this stunning 1940 model.

A rare 39 convertible sedan with a 40 front clip sure looks good to me.

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