Father’s Day

Father’s Day has long been a very special day at our house. I became a father in 1973 and again in 1975 and have watched them grow into mature successful adults. I moved them all over the country and they never complained about new schools or friends. My love of cars was appreciated by the whole family which made life easy for getting them to go to events.

My daughter and son loved the LARS on Father’s Day weekend and often worked in our booth. They both helped me in the garage with my numerous projects and enjoyed riding in them when I finished one. As they aged they became more interested in their personal lives as to be expected at 16. They still help me when home to visit and I now grandchildren to assist me when required.

I also remember my father on this special day. He was an engineer and taught me about welding, fabricating, design, and a host of other skills associated with building Hot Rods. His vision also guided me to make the right decisions in life as I was growing up. Fathers are just a wonderful friend when advise is needed.

Enjoy your day with your family.

Stay Tooned!


Father’s Day Hot Rods

The Steadfast breakfast was a success for the those wanting to drive their cars and see his new building.

                                Edelbrock’s Brizio restored roadster.


In The Garage

CE brackets for the leaf springs on the Woodie.
Made some shock brackets for the rear shocks.
Cleaning up the 350 for the Woodie. It will be painted with Cast Blast.

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