Fat Girl Friday

A quick blog today as I’m heading out in Pepe. I haven’t shown many 46-48 Ford convertibles lately but I haven’t forgotten them. They are one of my favorite road cars with the luxury of windows and a top which provides a top up or down ride. I would prefer this over many of my other rides as these old bones and solid axles just don’t work for Jane and I. Perhaps this should be my next build or purchase. What’s your next build?

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image

Bags are how you get them “Fairground Cool!”

Caster looks a little wrong in this photo.

More my style is this pretty little girl.

They should to be low to make them not look so boxy.

Date night special parked in Lover’s Lane! You remember don’t you!

Tim Allen made the cars popular on Tool Time. I think he still has this one.

SAR built one of the best out there in this example.

Terry built a nice one for my friend and painted it Blue Imron with a Gabes interior.

My two were always a lot of fun with plenty of comfort for long hauls.

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