Fall Fun

The weekend started with two activities in the Valley for cars. Don’s Coffee & Kix and CCC’s Swap meet and Sale. P0ppy was ready to go after redoing the front hubs and brakes. I arrived at Don’s and he ushered me in the front row which made me feel good that he liked the look of Poppy with her shiny red paint and tan leather interior. She always stands out in the crowd sort of like one of your old girl friends. The weather was perfect and the turnout was really large since he hadn’t had this event for a few months.  We stayed and talked and then headed over to California Car Cover for the other show in the Valley today. Jim and his sons had a very good sale on car covers that were still in stock. For one hundred dollars you can purchase a new car cover. Not all models were available but the popular ones were on sale. Of course, we had coffee and donuts at each event and needless to say, we didn’t need any lunch. Watching my weight in my old age! I headed home on a very hot morning with the wind and sun making me realize that a roadster is truly a wonderful way to enjoy life on the highway.

The fall is always one of my favorite times of the year. While we have very few cool days, it is still fall with leaves turning color and the hills turning brown. Pumpkins, Apple Cider and Cinnamon donuts really satisfy my taste buds. We will be on the lookout for the delicacies next week on our Back Road Boys trip to Malibu. While we don’t need our corduroy pants and Bass Weejuns like they do out east, we do require a jacket to go with our shorts and flip-flops. The mountains can become cool very quickly at the higher elevations we travel.

On a sad note, Bob Bauder has passed away and moved on to another phase of his life. He was a true craftsman and builder of many fine cars and motorcycles in his life time. I watched his roadster being built by and employee at California Street Rods over the years and when Bob purchased the car from the owner — he made it his. This photo is from Greg Stokes.

Bob liked Fat front tires on his cars as shown here.


click on photo for a larger image

The 36 Phaeton is always a beautiful sight when they are done — “just right!”

The rare 39 convertible sedan makes another great fall ride.

Sedans love the beach and visit them when they are in town. Take your shoes off and walk in the sand and enjoy your visit to Southern California.

Pat took home some honors at the Palos Verdes Concours. One fine period roadster.

Rare in today’s show is the RPU like this one.

A beautiful 34 Phaeton was just completed and has a lot going for it in the sexy department.

Dennis has owned this 29 for many years and was AMBR winner after Boyd redid it in 1992.

 A primo 5-window at Don’s today which deserved a second look.

Long time Deuce owner Dave High drove over to Don’s Reunion Coffee & Kix today.

Walt loves his 52 Carryall with modern driveline. I do also.

Bob is putting the finishing touches on his long time project 40 pickup.

Don, the man himself won an award at the Palos Verdes Concurs last weekend.

One of the first Wescott Phaeton’s is still going strong and looks great.

Frantic showed up his his sedan delivery with sedan doors.

George drove over in his beautiful 36 three window with all the trimmings.

Poppy had to power park per Don’s instructions. She liked that!

Cute little 33 three window came over for the Reunion today.

The 34 truck was very detailed and had black paint to die for.

The best photo I have of this beauty on the Hot Rod 100 in St. Louis.

Another great shot of the 40 rag overlooking the lake.

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