Fabulous Phaetons 32-34

The Ford Phaeton is a great looking car with plenty of room for passengers and with a luggage rack you can take the wife’s two suitcases. I have owned a couple Deuces (Wescott) and enjoyed them but Jane didn’t like the wind in her face. In the 70’s they were the rage and Wescott stepped up and started producing them for the masses. The limited number of original Deuces made them hard to locate and expensive. Wescott’s were about $2500 as I recall  and frames were readily available in the 70’s for $150. I wasn’t there yet, but soon felt I needed one for my family who had outgrown the coupe. I found out that the tops irons and bows are very expensive and had to step up for those. As usual, my work transferred me and I sold the project. I had the opportunity for another done one in the 90’s and traded a 40 convertible to Steve for his beautiful Deuce Phaeton. Jane and I had lots of fun for a couple of years and then I decided I needed a 33 roadster, so down the road the Tub went.

Phaetons or Tubs as we call them, are not popular any more. I know of some being built but the roadster is, and always has been, the desire of most Hot Rodder’s. I always liked the looks and the fact you could order one with a set back seat which made them real comfortable to drive. You can modify and original one by moving the rear panel back 3″ and still have plenty of rear seat leg room. Security is a problem in a Phaeton as there is no place to store anything out of sight. The trunk in the roadster has the advantage over the Phaeton, but the extra leg room and passenger space made them a natural choice for my family. I don’t know if Wescott is still producing Phaetons since Dee passed away but the quality of their bodies is second to none and their longevity is forever. Finding an American one is difficult and pricey, but Australia models seem to be plentiful. The style you build is up to you and I have provided some different styles for you to consider should you decide you would like a Phaeton rather than the overpopulated roadster.

Could there be a Phaeton is your future! I hope so, as I love to look at them.

Stay Tooned!


Brookville’s new Tudor Phaeton Foose/JHRS

The top made it more pleasing to me. Foose


click on photo for a larger image

 The tall top takes away from the profile in my opinion.

My old Deuce was a stock height and I always wanted it chopped.

This Wescott smoothie is one of my favorites hiboy Phaetons.

Same car with different wheels/tires and front brakes.

Gommi built the best one in recent years. He built two versions.

I liked it both ways but preferred the hiboy version for a Hot Rod.

This one just sold and had an Eastwood chassis with an original body.

Rodger’s famous Phaeton had the look I like with the perfect top. He has a way with tops.

Another Wescott beauty built by my friend Gary. He likes the stock top and it looks good on his Hot Tub.

Montana has some cold winters but the Tub still goes out for a photo shoot.

A local Phaeton with all the good stuff.

I still like the High School Hot Rod look for my next build.

Jim ended up with tub and made some refinements which make it even better looking.

Another Wescott Phaeton Hiboy with steelies and bias tires.

An old surviver tub with a hammered top is just right for a driver.

This nice 33 is a local car and is in great shape with the front seat moved back for tall guys.

This is a cherry 34 Phaeton that has been for sale for a long time. I wish I could afford it. Dennis has a collection of 34’s. One of each model I believe except the Woodie. I would leave alone and drive it.

If I had a choice this Brizio beauty would be number 1! The chop makes it a perfect profile.

My high school buddy Dave has owned this 34 Phaeton for many years and has driven across country several time. Buggy springs and SBC make it a reacher.

Dave has been to several LARS’s and has the mugs to prove it. Note the laid back windshield and chopped top.

A survivor at P-Town was complete and mint.

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