Enjoy Life in a Hot Rod

I am through Christmas shopping and have time this year to relax prior to the family arriving with the grandkids. I won’t bore you with all of my wife’s hard work putting up the lights while I supervised with my bad knee. She is a very strong willed and able bodied lady. Isn’t she great — I think so!

This weekend is the Malibu Woody Christmas parade and I will be attending without a car this year and hopefully riding in one of my friend’s woody. This is the 14th year of the parade hosted by a fellow Woodie owner who does all the planning, arranges the sponsors, food and entertainment. John is a great guy for ending the year in a wonderful day at the Beach. Malibu is one of our favorite spots all year long and you just feel good when riding along the coast highway, listening to the waves splash against the rocks and sun casting a beautiful shadow across the Pacific. Life is good at the beach.

I have received some more cars for sale to entice you to put one in your garage for Christmas.

Stay Tooned!




Merry Christmas from Pewsplace!

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Glenn has put his sanitary 1940 sedan up for sale to make room for his new arrival. See the For Sale section.


Joe has decided to part with his all steel 34 stock roadster. See Pewsplace For Sale section for details. Santa could put this one in my driveway on Christmas Eve.

Malibu Christmas Parade


We all have a good time enjoying the music, food and camaraderie of the group.


Walt drove his real Deuce Woodie wagon to the parade and party.


Jim is still waiting for his Super 40 Woody to be finished. Ryan promises it will be ready soon!


Some owners love to bring their wooden canoe for all to love and view.


Lorraine and Jane enjoy the day cruising through the backroads of Malibu.


Our leaders for the tour go by horse and buggy to give it some true Christmas Spirit.


I live by this code as much as possible


My fried Bill in Nova Scotia won’t be going us but we are thinking about him and his Woodie.


Pepe parked in the street last year but will remain in the garage this year. He fits in nicely with the surf crowd.


Our host for the parade is always in the Christmas mood.

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