Endless Summer

August and September are still full of great car events in California, like Goodguys Pleasanton, Pebble Beach. Wavecrest and the Outrider’s Picnic. The “Endless Summer” continues in California. We are very fortunate to have great weather all year round to enjoy our cars and our beautiful landscape. I love LA!

Speed Week is happening at Bonneville even thought the wet salt has prevented racing so far. It looks like Monday will be the day some records may be broken. I have several friends who are currently racing their cars and look forward to the results. Last year the Thompson car set a new record. Watch your FB page for results.

I have been plagued with some arthritis which prevents using my hands for typing and therefore have been unable to keep my normal three day a week posting schedule. I am undergoing treatment but don’t know how long this condition will prevail. I can post photos easily so I will at least post once a week.

Work on my cars has also stopped due to the arthritis, but Donnie is going to help me this week sort out some problems with Pepe. It seems the filters on the back tank are clogged and prevent full fuel flow for the injectors. It is always something to keep me busy which is just fine at my age. I am very thankful to Walt for letting me take care of his cars. Especially, since they are the ones I have always owned and wanted over the years. He is a very generous person.

As the aging process makes some difficult turns in our life, it is important to remember that it is part of life’s journey and we must stay positive and make adjustments to continue on. My love for the automobile has been with me my whole life and has provided me with a good job and hobby that lets me continue to appreciate the path I have chosen. I have the support of my wife and family and look forward to enjoying more time with the cars in my life.

Stay Tooned!



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