Endless Summer — No Bad Days!

As we approach the end of summer and the Labor Day weekend, I can’t help think about what a good time Jane and I had attending events with Pepe during the summer. It seems the older I become, the more thankful I am that we can still enjoy driving Hot Rods with our friends. Local events, large events, like the GNRS and LARS and Woody shows really were the Crown Jewels for me. Jane prefers the road trips to some neat places with our Back Road Boys and I too could be satisfied with just doing these adventures; however, I still enjoy seeing all the cars in one spot including vendors. We have two more events that will provide the finishing touches to our — Hot Rod Summer.

These events, the Wavecrest Woody Show and the Outriders’ Picnic are the grand finale for most of us. Wavecrest is our largest Woody show on the West Coast and while crowded, always is a fun day for our group. The Outriders Picnic is a gathering of long time friends in the LA area who have enjoyed our hobby for decades and support this event to culminate the Summer’s end. Both of these events bring out Hot Rods you only see at these happenings. History has a way of making some Hot Rods iconic and are only brought out of the garage one or twice a year. Both venues are excellent for the events. While these event are a couple of hours drive for us, they are worth the effort. Traffic is horrendous going and coming so a cool running ride is mandatory for the stop and go traffic we will experience.

In California, we have what we call an “Endless Summer” due to our wonderful climate year round. I know many of you will have the beautiful snow and will be blessed with a white Christmas but your Hot Rod will be garage bound until spring. Enjoy your Hot Rod while you can and make the upgrades during the winter.


Stay Tooned!


click on the photo for a larger image


No Free ride for those of us who worked hard to make American what it is.


Congratulations to Michael for his win in P-Town. Brizio Built and Beautiful!


Corky is selling his 34 Phaeton and I would love to own this one. Perfect color for me.


Jane loves the Cabriolet version of a Model-40.


This fellow seems to have an attraction for 34’s. Good choice!


JHRS builds some exceptional examples of Deuces and this sedan is one of them.


Besides the attraction of the Hot Rods, there is the annual Tri-Tip luncheon. Yummy!


I see Ed here every year in his RPU and this beautiful 34 Cabriolet parked next to him.


Tom’s 34 roadster by Fuller was a favorite of mine. Lobeck chassis.


This is my favorite Deuce 5-window and has been done for a long time. Perfection Period!


Ron ® and Dave (L) finally met and Ron explained how Steve Davis chopped the top with no filler.


Encinitas Beach is beautiful and is just north of San Diego.


The parking lot is always full the day prior to the show.


If you know someone you can park with your tail to the grass overlooking the Pacific.


We park on the hill which requires sitting on an angle all day long.


Shoeboxes (49-51) woodies are very popular in today’s events. New wood is reasonable compared to the all wood cars.

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