Election Day Special

Since it is a special day for all of us, I thought I would post some non-political stuff to take your mind off the election. It has been a difficult year for all of us, but the salvation for me has been the site of a beautiful Woodie in the garage. Granted, it has been sitting dormant while I am treating my RA but dreaming about what’s next, keeps me sane.

My idle time has been spent searching for sale items and reading my FB account to see what is happening in the world of Hot Rodding. I love to see the various photos of Hot Rods around the world. As you know, I love roadsters, woodies and sedan deliveries. Many of which are featured daily on FB. Here are a few that I like.

Relax it soon will be over with.

Stay Tooned!


Hot Rods

I have known about this 33 Phaeton for many years and it is not for sale but dream able.
Lots of work, but looks good with the car deluxe front end.
The 46-8 Rag looks great in stock condition.
Model 40 hoboes are also a favorite of mine.
Using ASC rails to repair a stock chassis.
Cory is working his skills using ASC rails and his own center X – member. Nice work.
Nice comparison between 33 and 32 FF hot rods.

Kevin has a great start on his hobo. I’m still gathering parts for mine.
Sometimes you should keep what you build. Ray has done a fantastic job making it his.
A panel by Bauder is a standout. He left us to soon but his builds will be seen forever.

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