Early V8 Wednesday

Many of my friends left the LARS and headed to Lake Tahoe to attend the 50th anniversary of the Early Ford V8 Club. Prior to being a hot rod lover, I really enjoyed the fully restored Ford V8’s. I was an active member for many years and attended many meets across the country. I used to spend lots of time searching for Deuce parts for my cars and have fond memories of the finding the hard to locate part such as a three window ash tray. One of my friends, George, is still a Deuce lover and collector of parts. He first drove his roadster around Lake Tahoe in 1970 at the EF National Meet. He is doing it again this week in the same roadster. George has cherished his collection of Deuces and will probably be one of the only ones who is driving their same car. His car has a dropped axle and later flathead but still is fairly close to original. Today is the big show and I hope he receives some kind of recognition for his efforts.

The car lag is still with me today as I try to remember all of the nice roadsters I saw at this years LARS. I have my favorites and of course meeting many of you for the first time is very special to me. I hear from hot rodder’s all over the world and that is my inspiration for continuing Pewsplace. If I can bring you closer to the event or activity I have accomplished my goal. I am always glad to hear from you and see photos of your cars. Please continue to send them to me.

Some of you asked about the prices of cars at this years LARS. I was involved in a few transactions, but in general prices for excellent built cars were on the high side ($75K and up) and I think some of them sold on Saturday. The show is known for well qualified buyers and asking prices are usually above market. If you are selling a Deuce roadster, the supply is much greater than the demand which means the prices drop on Sunday. I saw several Deuces in the $30-35K range and some in the $100+ range. Normally, persons buying a car in the 6 figure bracket, prefer to build their own but not all of them. Pro built roadsters can run $150 — 200K real easy so you can buy a used one for a considerable savings. If you just want to have fun and drive one stay with the lower priced cars of good quality.

Have a great week and remember Sunday is 40 Ford Day at LaPalma Park. I won’t be there this year due to family obligations.

Stay Tooned!


George is driving the scenic Lake Tahoe area in his primo Deuce roadster from 1970. He loves General Jumbo wheels.

Troy Williams had a very nice Kennedy built roadster for sale ($68K) at the show. He still has most of his father’s cars and had some on display.

Steve had his 40 convert for sale ($40K) and I did not see it on Saturday so I presume he sold the car on Friday. There were several nice 40 converts for sale in the $25-55K range.

The top on this roadster was made from a wire form as you can see from the photos. Lobeck would have loved the ET’s on this one.

Don had his fresh roadster for sale for $50K. He had his usual touches in design that few can duplicate. He sure has the eye for the early look in hot rods.

Dick and his buddies from the St. Louis area were on hand at this years show. Dick added the fenders to his long time hiboy and headed west.

Don drove along with the group in his famous roadster. I didn’t see Gary and his car but maybe he came with Don.

This rare 32 RPU was parked across from me in the Specialty Parking area. It seems roadsters were parked everywhere during the weekend as they were the reason for the show.

The trio was parked in the shade. Ed, Ron and Bob have some real nice roadsters. Ed’s is relatively new while the other two have been done since the 80’s.

Rich drove his fresh DD out for the day and showed me all the neat features he has incorporated into his build.

A long time in the making, Ed’s 29 is a work of art thanks to a host of top craftsman on the West coast including Roy Brizio.

Pete and Rick had the clone of their famous cover car on display in their space. The workmanship is first class and I am happy to see them build a duplicate using the original chassis.

JR just traded his nice truck for this 40 standard and has given the car his famous fathers look in just a few months. Nice work John.

Standard dash’s were not woodgrained but should have been when they look this nice. Window moldings were done in a matching style. Cory in MI would like this one.

Saturday’s Highlight!

The Kennedy Boys just finished this one for Bob and I fell in love for the second time this weekend. Bob has an extensive collection of cars but always leans toward the true hot rod look in his builds. That is Chuck’s CMG 40 standard parked next to Bob.

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  2. Lynn,

    Dick Carroll just called me, a little bit ago. Thanks for posting the picture of his ’34 roadster. Also, thanks for recognizing Don Ward’s yellow ’32. Dick said he was surprised that more people didn’t flock around it, as it was one of the 75 most influential ’32 Fords (Listed as the Gary Kessler roadster). Don’s owned it since the early 70’s.


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