Doheny Wood

The weekend was filled with wooden wagons at the beautiful Doheny Beach in Dana Point, California. We arrive early and found over 100 woodie wagons parked next to the beach. This venue provides a natural place for a show as Doheny is a famous surfer’s beach in California. There were at least that many surfers in the water awaiting the waves.

The waves provided a nice sound as we were walking along the beach looking at the wagons. I really love these shows and the people who attend them with their wagons. Our group was set up near the water and the registration booth. Tailgating is a must at these shows with back to back parking allowed lots of conversation with other owners.

The show lasted until 2:00 pm when the awards were handed out and information about the weekend events associated with the show. We had a wonderful day with our friends and headed home (120 miles) on the busy 405 freeway. Thanks to the So Cal Woodie Club for another great show.

Stay Tooned!


An early morning drone photo that Rich took showing  a few of the 150 woodies at the show.
Squid’s 46 was a hit with everyone who looked it over.

Many owners came with their surfboards attached so they could catch some waves.
Shoeboxes were popular at the show.
Mercury’s are rare at the shows but this one showed up in fine style.
Brought back form a really deteriorated hulk, this one looked good. All owner built.
This is how is was found in MN woods.
Town and Country convertibles are really nice and roomy.

The T&C dashboards are simple beautiful.
Ruby’s new owner was there and had her looking great!

Tailgating is lots of fun for the group of Woodie owners.
The shoebox provides lots of storage for your trip to the water. The material her was suede.
The baby blue 49 is one of my favortes  and has been around a long time.
I sure love the 46-48 Woodies also. I am torn between them and a 40 which are hard to find.
This shoebox was really well done and was for sale for some big money.
He had the complete set-up for tailgating including bamboo flooring.
The final day included a Sunday Morning Cruiise.

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