Deuces on 101

The first Deuces on 101 show held on the Central Coast was a huge success. Steve Lykken and his team pulled off the event without any hiccups. The weather was perfect, the venue was outstanding and the attendance was excellent. Congratulations on an event well planned and executed.

The Friday night BBQ at the famous Mendenhall Museum was sold out and all enjoyed the tour and excellent Try-Tip dinner. Seeing all the cars and memorabilia was thrilling for those who had not been there previously. The next morning came fast and the show began.

Steve is not sure about a repeat next year but everyone who attended thought this show should be repeated in the future. I sure put my vote in for continuance.

Stay Tooned,


Paul captioned the moment at the Museum.
Steve greeting everyone and thanked them for attending this prestigious event. Ken sang the national anthem  and the started off.
Steve’s new Woodie project greeting everyone and it is a wonderful example of craftsmanship that he puts in to his builds.
Steve has his fleet of Deuces starting off the rows of Deuces. The RPU was a contender for the AMBR. 
Ron, Steve’s son had Poppy standing tall also.
Dave had a nice looking roadster with the Dick Rodwell windshield installed.
Long time friend Greg had his famous roadster on display.
Cabrolets wer present in numbers.
Heavy hammered coupe was outstanding and loaded with details.
This flathead was over the top.
I loved the aluminum Duvall top on this roadster.
Early rows were forming of Deuces only.
165 Deuces on the beautiful Golf course.
I like this Maroon one from the CCR.
Rich had his Deuce in the show and also took the great Drone photos shown.
Phil had my favorite 3W at this show. Everything was just perfect.
This early build roadster had a lot of unique items like this curved windshield from an Olds.
Ed had the first RPU Brookville body looking good at the show.
Fenders were on some of the deuces but not many. Note these skirted fenders.
We all stopped on the way home at Foster’s for some ice cream.

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