Deuces and Woodies

Jane and I enjoyed a fun filled weekend with our Woodie friends. The annual Wavecrest Woodie Show in Encinitis, Ca always is a good time for Woodie lovers. George and Karen drove their new to them 1940 Woody down for the show and celebrated their anniversary at the Beautiful Hotel Coronado. The line of woodies going down the I-5 is always a sight to see. Woodies and beaches just go together and are not a so common sightt anymore in our area. Due to a change in dates for the show, the turnout was not as large as previous years but still a good show for our group. We had a wonderful time with our group and look forward to the end of the year Malibu Woodie Christmas Parade in December.

I have included some photos of Dave West’s new roadster to keep you non—Woodie lovers excited.

Stay Tooned!




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MS Daisy looked right at home with Pepe and Poppy. This has to be the best ‘Threesome” yet at Pewsplace.

George and Karen really have found a very nice 1940 Woodie. Congrats you two!


Moonlight Beach was fully packed on a beautiful sunny day.

The shoebox has grown in popularity in recent years.

Woodies were often used to tow their race cars. This Kurtis Kraft with a V8 60 was a nice example of the era.


Mark’s 46 was my favorite of the meet.

Mustang Ranch 37 was the talk of the show.

There was an abundance of 1940 Woodies at the show which is unusual as they are more rare.

This beauty was for sale for $115K which seemed a little high for the current market.

George parked in the number one spot in line with two other 40 Woodies.

All three of these forties had very nice original wood.

Rich and Val had their very nice 40 on display. Full independent suspension front and rear make it a nice driver.

Another nice red 40 woody required a second look by me. It was very nicely done.

Dave’s Deuce Tribute

Dave commissioned Walsh Restorations to finish his Deuce roadster.

The unique roadster has lots of custom touches including the interior.

The custom seats are padded to make them more comfortable.

This roadster is all about the motor, blower and injection. Hold on to you seat!

Dave has a fleet of cars and a famous dragster that his new roadster pays tribute to. Great job Dave and Tom!!

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