Deuces and Forties

FB has a group dedicated to the Deuces and Forties which is one of my favorite groups. For many years I have wanted to start a company that dealt exclusively with these two models. I even had my son draw a logo which is a Deuce grille shell with a Forty headlight bezel in the middle. I still may make some shirts for Pewsplace with the logo imprinted on the back and front. As you know, I prefer the Model 40 for myself, but the Deuce and Forty combination is the popular pairing for most. I tend to like the convertible the most but have owned every model except a woody.

From a cost factor, the Forty is less expensive to purchase in most instances than the Iconic Deuce. Parts, both original and reproduction, are readily available for both models. A Forty needs no body modifications in my mind as Eugene Gregorie’s styling was a hit from the start. The Deuce is the same way except I do like the chopped cars better than the stock height ones. I remember Steve Davis asking me if I wanted him to chop my 3-window and I responded with a positive yes. We took two inches out of the car and it was perfect executed by Tikki of his shop. The only mistake I made was filling the cowl vent. Whatever your choice is you can’t go wrong with either model.

As far as build style goes, Roy Brizio told me once that 32-34 is fine with a solid axle and for 35-48 use and independent from suspension and parallel leaf rear. I follow his guide lines as he has built hundreds of cars that go down the road very nicely. I am the first to admit that the independent front suspension really provides a much improved ride over the straight axle in the later models. I even had Boyd build me a Deuce chassis with his suspension and it road very nice but I wasn’t crazy about the looks on a traditional style roadster. My preference for the Deuce is the solid I-beam axle up front and a QC coil over rear. I gave up on the rear spring set up as I could never obtain a decent ride. I know Pete Eastwood can make them work as I have driven his cars. Just my opinion on build styles as everyone has their own preference. One of each on your Deuce and Forty would be nice.

Have a wonderful weekend driving your Hot Rod or working in the garage on your Deuce or Forty project.


Stay Tooned!




A 40 convert makes a real nice ride with plenty of room for passengers in the back seat. I like the bows flattened to make the top flow better than the original.

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Randy just purchased this Deuce with a traditional build style. Black Deuces are really popular with the Hot Rod crowd.


A custom 40 rag is going together with a lot of one-off items such as a rear side window and aluminum top.


The highboy Deuce 5-window is another popular car with the Hot Rodders. UPI makes it easy if you have the $$$$!


The Pacific in the background and the top down makes for a nice photo opportunity.


Don keeps “The Flame Burning” with his Deuce builds. This is one of his earlier builds. He always has the eye for traditional styling.


Two beauties from Ohio stopping for another great photo opportunity while on the road.


Perfect Deuce that just pulled the fenders and is now having some driving fun.


A show winner at the GNRS this 1940 Ford sedan was about as low as you can go with air bag suspension.


One Deuce is not enough for most Deuce lovers. Add the truck and you have some hauling room.


Dick keeps his 1940 rag in perfect condition and has owned for many years. A “Keeper!”

shop stuff 024

Gary is a Deuce and Forty lover. He built this one in the 80’s and it is one of my favorites.


Tim built him a nice 40 to drive and that he does. He drove from AZ to the GNRS last year to be in the 40 is 75 celebration.


This is my style of Deuce. Slight chop, nice rake and stance.


One of three built by friends who had Eddie Martinez do a complete R&P interior for them. Old School all the way!


I spotted this nice full fendered Deuce sitting in the parking lot away from the crowd. It is nice to see fenders for a change.


Finally, a woody to enjoy all the activities we have on the west coast. The whole family will love you and your “Woody!”

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