Deuces and Forties

For many years, I have always considered Deuces and Forties to be the ideal pair for me. They just seem to go together like apple pie and ice cream. I have owned several examples of each over the years and prefer the Deuce in an open cab version and the Forty in a closed cab version. Lately, I find that I now prefer the open version of the Forty as it gives both the open and closed possibilities. Jane and I do a lot of road trips with the Back Road Boys and like to have the top down on the road and the safeguard of the roll up windows and top when needed. I know it sounds like an old man talking but some things just make sensed when you are trying to enjoy your Hot Rod and the aging body at the same time. It is nice to be able to also afford a roadster for local trips or when the “Real Roadster Guy” thing is a traditional you feel like practicing. If you only have room for one then the convertible will accomplish you goal of having an open and closed Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!


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If you follow my blog, then you know Barry’s initial roadster has always been my favorite. I took this photo when he debuted it in Columbus in 1978. Every garage should have a Deuce roadster for the true feeling of “open air!”

Bruce has made Barry’s roadster his own and changed to look to his liking.

A nice Forty convertible is always a great car to take on the road. Nothing fancy, just a dropped axle, SBC, 8/9 ” rear end and you are riding in style.

Several examples are available today and priced under $50K.

Finding one in this condition would be great and drivable real soon.

My friend Ron has owned this Deuce since the 80’s and drives it everywhere. Eastwood chassis and Wescott body works well together.

Having this one in my garage would satisfy my desire for a roadster.

Tim builds some beautiful Forties and this convert is one of them.

Tim loves the SBC and makes them seem like factory equipped in the Forty.


Tim selects a nice interior for his Forties and they all blend with the overall design.

Many Forties are painted black and to me they look perfect with whitewalls, caps and rings.

Owning a Top 75 Deuce like Dennis does proves my point. This famous Tom Senter roadster is a staple in his garage.

A relatively new Deuce on the scene but equally important is Rick’s TRJ cover roadster. Ryan used some his tricks to make this a stand out Hot Rod.

I know most old Fords are black but they look good in tan also.

You can even have fun with the flathead and some upgrades like aluminum heads and dual carbs.

I love the top on this one. No changes needed to the body or trim.

If you have $200,000 you can have a pro-builder build you your Deuce dream roadster.

Roy starts with all new materials including the body. The price is simply a matter of high labor and material cost for today’s shops.

The top down and crossing the wooden bridge in Malibu makes it a perfect day.

When the day ends you need to stop and take a walk on the beach with no shoes on.

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