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You very seldom see a Deuce Woody Wagon — even a restored one. Boyd, Gary Matranga and Sid Shavers built some outstanding ones several years ago that are still around. Dan Fink built a hand built Deuce Woody which really was forward thinking for the times. I see that Speedwagon showing up once in a while but lost track of who owns it now. The low production of the Deuce Woody and the very cramped cockpit keep Woodie lovers looking at later models. My favorite Deuce Woodie was Don Smith’s that Boyd built using a Brizio chassis. I had the opportunity to drive the car a few times and couldn’t fit in the Dan Drum interior, but really liked the look with the laid back front post. Deuce Woodies will always attract attention as they are a rare sight.

Ceil Taylor, of Hercules, has built a few Deuce Woodies and today I will show you one of his bodies that my friend Steve has been working on for the past year. Steve is a perfectionist, so you can expect it to be one of the best when finished. Our Journey to Solvang tomorrow will provide us with a personal inspection of his latest Deuce project.

1932 Ford Woodie Wagon Production

4 cylinder — 1032

                                                                              V8          —    351

                                                              Total Production —  1383

All Woodies were painted Winterleaf light brown with black fenders.

Don’t forget this Saturday, July 15, 2017, is Deuce Day at the Petersen Museum with a special honoring to Pete Chapouris who left us this year for his place with notable Hot Rodder’s from the past. Spectators are free for viewing the Deuces on the special deck parking area. You must register on – line if you plan to enter your Deuce. You won’t want to miss the 85th Anniversary of the Iconic Deuce.


Stay Tooned!


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Here are the initial stages of the Hercules Deuce Woodie!

Steve just brought his Woodie home from the metal man’s shop and you can see the fit of the sheet metal is perfect.

The Woodies rolls on a Classic Chassis and has a nice rake which is required on the Deuce.

Certainly no small task to fit the fenders to the body and have suck a great final appearance.

The clean rear bumper area really looks good.

The front end is equally as clean with the stainless grille insert and perfect fender fit.

Boyd built one of the first Hot Rod Woodies for Don Smith.

Syd built his version which is now owned by Bob Oney.

Dan and Geoff built their one-off Deuce Speedwagon which became a Revell Model.

Stockers are rare and valuable to the collector of Deuces.

My friend Walt has this original Deuce Woodie that has been turned into a Hot Rod Woodie. The car is currently undergoing a change. Note the side strips have been removed.

Gary drives his beauty as shown here at Wavecrest.

Gary’s has the Hot Rod Look!

Jim Latin also owns a Deuce Woodie and brings it to Wavecrest.

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