Deuce Sedans

I have owned 30 Deuces in my life and love the sedan best of all the models. The large sedan provides all the room you need and has a great look if done right. They are still readily available in our area. The prices vary but command a high price for a quality build. Cores seem to be available for under $15K and show up often on the media sites. I like all styles but lean toward the chopped hiboy model as my preference. While roadsters and coupes are the most popular, the sedan is also a sought after model by folks looking for more room. Some outstanding examples have been built-in recent years and continue to be in shops across the country. The stock height roof is the most popular as is the resto-rod look. The chopped top seems to lend itself to the hiboy look but some fendered models also look good mildly chopped.

Kits are available to convert your sedan into a delivery or B-400. Both of these models make great Hot Rods. Chassis are available from several sources which enables you to finish your sedan with a good a foundation. I would recommend that you find the best body you can afford rather than spend hours and dollars repairing a rusty hulk. The sedan offers a good alternative to the roadsters and coupes which normally dominate the Deuce shows.

I have owned several and regret selling them and buying a coupe or roadster. I guess my age is showing where I like comfort over public opinion. I would build another one if I were in that mood again. Could there be a sedan in your future?

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JHRS built an award-winning sedan that has many subtle modifications and pure aesthetics that made it a winner for George.

In the late 80’s I built a nice chopped sedan to accommodate my growing family. The car was an early hot rod which a mint body and excellent chop. The above photo is of the sedan today. The fellow I sold the car to just rebuilt the entire car.

Henry set the bar real high with his show stopper sedan.

His metalworking skills were applied to the super chop.

I like the sedan with fenders and 3″ chip. The color makes the car along with the Halibrands.

Another beauty with the same treatment done in black.

Here is a stocker that has been given the Hot Rod treatment. Touch up the Winterleaf paint and go down the road.

If you have big bucks have Roy build you a winner like this beauty.

The Vicky is seldom Hot Rodded as this one has been done. I like the chop and hiboy look.

A stock height sedan with a great stance is hard to beat.

SFSS built a winner a few years ago and was a big hit with Hot Rodder’s.

A black beauty with the resto-rod look appeals to me also.

A hiboy is my favorite for some reason. Lobeck used to say it’s a roadster with a top and back seat.

Here is a red oxide sample of your high school Hot Rod looking sedan.

I have seen this one in person and it is a home built unit that really hit a home run in my book. A 3″ chop and simple chassis made it just perfect.

You can also turn your sedan into a B-400 if you have the $$$ for the conversion.

George built his delivery from a cherry sedan using a Mcray rear door kit.

If you need an open car, just cut the top off your sedan and you have the above Phaeton.

Richard has built his sedan into a Tudor Tub that came out great.

My favorite of all time sedans converted to a tub is Boyd/Kolmos creation designed by Thom Taylor in the 80’s.

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