Deuce Days

The Havasu Deuces are having their big show this weekend and I just found out that the Petersen is having a Deuce Day celebrating the 85th Anniversary as a tribute to the late Pete Chapouris of SO-CAL fame. If you attended the 75th at the Petersen you know that it was very well planned and executed. I am very excited that the Petersen would be back in the Hot Rod world by holding this special event in honor of one of the hobby’s most recognized persons.

The event is planned for July 15, 2017 and more details to follow.

I guess I need a Deuce to drive to this event as the 90th may not be in the cards as I would be 81…

As for my feet, they are doing much better and I hope to back to normal by next week. Sometimes these setbacks can deter your interest from your love but I choose to move on and “Keep the Flame Burning!”


Stay Tooned!


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One of my favorite Deuces is the Bob McGee’s roadster now owned by Bruce Meyer.

Joe Nitti’s is high on my list of the early built roadsters.

Joe had a fast flathead

The Dual SW dash panels were and are unique in a roadster.

The profile is about as good as it gets for early style roadsters.

Doane’s roadster is also owned by Bruce and gets driven often.

Cowl steering was used by Doane.

The Deuce 3-window has long been a top choice of coupe lovers.

Bruce also owns this one that really is a great old Hot Rod.

Another Bruce 3-window is this Prufer coupe.

Bruce owns this Bob Bauder restored famous coupe built by Doyle Gammell.

Sam has owned this classic 5-window for several years and is a favorite of many.

Cory just whipped this classic 5-window out in the past year and it too, has been become a classic.

SO-CAL built this beauty for JJ and the “Champagne Coupe” was an instant hit.

This one has one been around a long time and has stood the test of time.

Joe will be there with his Reed modified sedan.

We may see Pete and Rick doing burnouts on Wilshire.

I saw this one at the 75th show. Simple and regal at the same time.

Four doors have become popular also. Moal built for Bruce this is the best of the best.

I sure hope George brings his latest sedan to the show.

Seeing this one close up would be nice for me and others.

Dan has some of the best Deuces and this truck is one of them.

Gary would be driving his Deuce woody down for the celebration. He does drive his cars.

Steve will bring his RPU down for the day.

My friend Ed drives this RPU regularly and keeps it immaculate.

George drives his delivery everywhere and I expect him and Gary to be down for the show.

You don’t see many sedan delivery’s but when you do you must take a look.

A delivery interior is a beautiful site when you open the door.

I told Gary to drive the Phaeton down and stay with me for the show. Gary built this one in his driveway in the 80’s.

I would love to see this one but it is a long drive for the show.

A Cabriolet makes a nice Hot Rod and offers roll up windows.

Add fenders and you have a real classy Deuce.

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