December to Remember

For the first time since I purchased the 46 woodie, I have hoped to be able to drive in the Malibu Christmas Parade. I have driven Ruby and Pepe but never my own woodie. Bill did an outstanding job on the restoration and it is like brand new with only 5,000 miles on the odometer. Jane and I purchased some decorations for the wagon and will get it ready for the big parade on December 15th.

Our weather has turned cold and rainy which makes working in the garage a little tough with this old body. The wagon needs some attention concerning the clutch chatter and steering effort, but it can wait until after the holidays before tearing into the problems. I purchased the parts to fix including P/S, 350 trans, 9″ rear axle, and spring kit. This should provide the driveability of the car for Jane and me. The front needs to be lowered a little and not sure how to do that. Mono leaf or dropped axle.

Readers have suggested that I don’t change anything except the steering and clutch due to the wonderful restoration. Time and warm weather, as well as long road trips, will determine the fate of the woodie wagon.

During the balance of December, our family will be enjoying the holidays in our home. Woodie rides will be sought and provided during their stay. I hope you enjoy your holidays with your family and friends. Take your Hot Rod for a drive, weather permitting, to keep the fire burning.

Stay Tooned!

Lynn and JaneM

Bad back means you need good friends to help you. The car had been sitting for many years in San Francisco when Ted found it. The car was in great shape including most wood.
Made it to Pewsplace.

Wavecrest 2019 the maiden voyage.
My inspiration buddies Gary and George, both Woodie owners.
George’s Brizio 40 came to visit Pewsplace for Wavecrest.
Gary finished his in his garage.

The last build ?

I like this one with fenders and know where the body is located.
A concept from Eric Black looks great to me also.

Merry Christmas

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