Date Night

Friday night has always been date night for most of us. When we were in school, working or just plain broke and could only afford one night with your favorite girl, it seems Friday night was the night for most of us. My father used to give me date night money when he got home from work and I always saved what I earned during the week sacking groceries at Piggly Wiggly (yes that was name) in order to look like I could afford what she ordered. I remember telling her to order whatever she wanted. Little did I know she was a big eater. I think all of us have wonderful memories of our early dating adventures and driving our Hot Rods to the local Drive-In Movies and eateries. The speakers mounted to our doors were not to our liking, even if they were primer or work-in-process beauties. The cords were never long enough to fit inside the car, and besides they took up too much room. Oh such memories.!!

I grew up in a small town so the places to go were very limited and usually the cool cars took up all the good spots early on Friday nights. I remember Perry’s and the Steak & Shake requiring minimum orders that would allow you to stay for a long period of time and just “look cool!” We often reordered the Coke to gain some more time. I dated the same girl all through high school so I don’t have any experience with anyone but her. She loved to be seen in a convertible as long as her hair was not messed up from the wind or me. My Corvette was a big hit and she often loaned me some money to buy her french fries and Coke as I had to pay for the gas.

As time moved on and Friday nights in College were more about drinking than going to a Drive-In-Movie show. The stress of school often lead to some really fun nights at the Winery drinking pitchers of beer and 25 cent hamburgers. I usually went there directly after my last class and closed the place down with my favorite girl who was the same one for the last two years. We continued that Friday night Date Night for many years and still do most Friday nights. I think the tradition is wonderful and look forward to Fridays with some new places or old favorites to hang my hat for a while, listen to some good music and have an adult beverage or two. At 76, I’m happy to still be able to do that and meaningful memories. How about you? Take the wife, girlfriend or just a good friend and enjoy your Friday night.

Long live Friday Date Nights.

Forty Ford Day this Sunday in Lapalma Park

Stay Tooned!


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Jane will love to ride in a Red Roadster again as she used to do in College.

Date Night Forties

Coupes were popular in high school and inexpensive to purchase.

Your dates mother probably wouldn’t let her go in the sedan delivery.

Sedans were not popular as a youngster but gained in acceptance the older you became and the kids fought in the back seat.

Jane and I loved this old convertible as did the kids when we went for ice cream on Friday nights.

No hub caps were the rage in my youth. Polished lug nut covers from JC Whitney added gloss.

Everyone loves the 40 coupe with a nice rake.

As you grew older and needed to extra room for the kids on Friday night, the Woody was the one you wanted.

Lover’s Lane in a convertible was about as romantic as you could hope when you drove a Forty!

Sedans were inexpensive and with blacked out windows made a perfect Date Night ride.

The rag top is still my favorite Date night ride. Top down and cruising the town with the radio blasting my favorite song!

The more classy Forty is this Folkstone Gray convertible.

She really likes the red convertible with the white top and slight rake.

Jane and I still take Pepe on Friday nights to cruise the town and look for the early bird specials.

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