Dashes, Steering Wheels and Interiors

While most of us who build cars think about the body and chassis the most, the interior is what makes the build fun to drive. Being comfortable for the long haul is important for most folks and must fit the style of the build. Take a look at some I have noticed over the years. Some have some different approaches to suit their taste others are stock looking with 12 volt conversions. The Auburn panel is very popular and expensive for the original version but reasonable for the reproduction models. Take a look and see what you like. Send me yours if you have something to share with my readers.

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Popular early style dash with engine-turned panel and SW gauges.

Tilt wheel, Auburn panel engine-turned back splash.

Traditional with wood floors, Chrysler dash and rolled & pleated seats. Stock column and SO-CAL wheel.

SO-CAL seat set back under deck with pleats and pull down arm rest. These come in handy on long trips as do side arm rests.

Chris’s roadster has the early look with Auburn dash, gauges, fuel pressure pump. Chrome column with 40 shifter was real popular. Large pleats and door pocket were period correct also.

The 46-48 dash is a personal favorite of mine if done in the stock woodgraining restored gauges. Chevy van column and Banjo wheel look good also. Black box on dash is XM radio.

A 29 with the Auburn panel looks good also. Traditional thin pleats add to the early look.

Another approach to an elegant interior is this masterpiece. Different, yes, but a very classy look.

Here is another approach for the 40 dash. Full woodgrain, tilt wheel and buckets seats.

Partial woodgrain with black looks good also. Dual gauges, tilt wheel and bench seat.

The stock 40 cluster and column look good in this coupe. Woodgrain was standard for these models. Interior is stock mohair and looks great.

Jim has the perfect dash in his 33/4 roadster. Seat upholstery in period perfect as is heater and steering column.

Hiding the radio is easy if you do it as shown.

My friend Bob-Bo converted his stock 40 dash to 12 volt using Runtz resistors  from C&G. It’s hard to beat the stock 40 dash in my opinion.

I did the same thing to my stock dash in my 48 convertible. I used a F-100 automatic column and stock LB interior with square weave carpet. I have some restorer blood in me but like modern drive trains.

This is the look I prefer for my builds. A little Hot Rod flavor using SW gauges, Banjo wheel and square weave carpet.

Lots to see in this roadster. Dash, instrument panel, floor covering and steering column.

This Woodie dash is being finished to stock configuration with woodgraining and gauges. Ford got it right in these Wagons.

The 42 Wagon had a nice steering wheel with bands and different woodgraining.

The standard SW panel is used in just about everything today. Stock interior with custom column and wheel.

My friend Dave uses the Auburn panel in his 34 Phaeton. The complete dash and panel simply bolted into his dash.

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