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  1. Lynn,

    Merry Christmas!

    I hope you’re “back on the road”, going full speed again soon!

    Wishing you and your family the best for the holidays, and the year to come!

    Thanks again for all the effort you put into your blog. I know it reaches a lot of people, directly & indirectly. You are a true ambassador of the hot rod hobby!


    Al & Julie Miller
    Verona, WI

  2. Hi Lynn,
    George and I hope to see you at the GRNS this year! We are bringing the 1939 and the 1946 woodys, please come by and say hi! I hope all is well and keep up the good work.
    Brian young

  3. Hey Lynn, love of old cars is not all we share, aches and pains seem to go right along with the hobby. I’ve known too many who gave in the “it hurts to much to do that”, i’ve learned that the more you sit in the chair, the more you sit in the chair. Thanks for a great blog, a view of some cars otherwise not seen, stay well and enjoy.

    Dave n Donna Nelson

  4. Hello Sunny California
    We can not complain here in Pa., the temp this past Tuesday was 73+. And the forecast through the next week is temps in the mid 50’s. What worries me alittle is March, we have had some winter beauties in mid to late March. Great to see the site up and running again, I appreciate all that you do to keep the flame burning and all of your hard work!! Best Regards My Friend!! Dale (The Other Dale)

  5. Hi Lynn:
    Love your site. Great comments and pix. I had a similar stalling problem and it turned out that once the coil became warm/hot it died. Replaced the coil and all was good. Stay well. Henry (Henry & Lucienne Lehmann – Mission, BC ( Bob McCoy’s 40 pickup. I purchased the McCoy flamed Cad air cleaner from Steve V. a few years back).

  6. Love the 40 wagon in front of the Hotel Del in San Diego. Had the most expensive lunch there five years ago. I think it was worth it! And you know how tight car guys are… Bill

  7. Hope you get you hand fixed soon……it’s a bitch to do the one finger typing routine. As for your fuel issue, one of my Roadster buddies up here had a similar issue; turned out to be a pinched fuel line near the tank due to poor construction. Good luck with it…..

  8. Lynn–wishing you the best on your hand/wrist. Thanks for posting Gary’s 40-was a fun one to do-turned out nice.

  9. Sent you a few photos of my stuff , used to work in your home town Decatur as a state trooper , don’t remember catching you ! Love your site , thank you . Mike B.

  10. Just sent you a few photos of my stuff , used to work in your home town Decatur as a state trooper , don’t remember catching you ! Love your site , thank you . Mike B.

  11. Lynn,

    The owner of the full fendered 1932 Tudor Sedan that Ryan Reed worked over is Joe Mitchell, that lives in Lake Havasu City, not Joe Reynolds.

  12. Lynn, Good you’re up and running again, well sort of. I’ve been through the same things years ago when I was younger, they did both wrists at the same time, real fun. The Doc told me, as recovery went along, to let pain be your guide, if whatever you’re doing and it starts to hurt STOP, that’s your limit. So let pain be your guide, it will all work out. Steve Pratt

  13. Excellent feature on dashes! Amazing how some people can screw up a classic design. All of those featured were great. Also did U open my email for a 40 wagon at an affordable price? Bill in NS.

  14. In your blogs you have mentioned a chap that makes 12 bolt side plate adapters for the early halibrand champ housing – does he still manufacture them?

  15. I have found your suggestions very helpful and look forward to any & all of your blogs etc.

  16. Always love it when you cover ’40 Fords! The 40 wagon barnfind has received a 30K injection (not my $$$) and is improving. It may be finished next year. Or not! Only four months to Wavecrest.. Bill in Nova Scotia.

  17. Good afternoon Lynn! Like your site, very informative.Trying to sign on now, Respectfully, Jim Elgan , GM retired

  18. Lynn, I sent you an e-mail in response to LARS , and I just wanted to say again how diappointed I am that The Roadster Show looks to be over. It is certainly not the end of the world, but to us old-timers it is significant, to the change in the automotive culture, we love some much and particpated in for so much of our lifes. On the postitive side there are still many of us who will not give up our enthusiasum for our cars, and the hobby, it is is just changing how we get will to participate, and there is no doubt we will find a way.

  19. Can you tell me how much rear end oil you use in a 301 champ c/w the early ford tubes snd adapters?

  20. Love the photos of Deuce Day in Solvang. Hopefully some of the LAR CLUB members will take notice that hot rod roadsters are alive and well…….we just need a good excuse to get together. Hope they keep the LARS going for many more years……

  21. Lynn, In “Monday’s Mood” you commented again on the L.A.Roadster show, and you are exactly right. I don’t know how it can continue ,but I wish it would. I think it can happen, but it will take a little different mind set and a compromise in its structure, and of course that is easier said than done. I for one would be glad to try and find away, and help, if there is anybody else thinking the same thing.

  22. Lynn,
    Not sure if you will post this, but Dick Bergren passed away today. He was a lifetime member of the L.A. Roadsters, and was one of the unsung heroes of our sport and hobby. He was the one that owned and chopped the Doyle Gammel Coupe at the tender age of 18, and traded Doyle for a T-Bucket so he could join the roadsters in 1962. Dick loved the being a member of the L.A. Roadsters and was desperately ill when attending his last meeting, but still wanted to contribute. Dick owned a few roadsters, but his last, he owned for 45 yrs. Dick was always the first to lend a hand, and was invaluable as a source of knowledge when building a car. He will be greatly missed. I’ve sent a photo of Dick and his roadster, and hope you’ll post on your web site. Thanks, Jim Watt

  23. I am restoring my 1939 Ford H.W. Deluxe H.W. Heater Box. I see a Larry Kaplan mentioned who has the striped decals for the box. How do I get those?

  24. Good to see you again at Wavecrest! Always good to see a blog devoted to woodies… Bill

  25. Lynn, I am also a big Model 40 fan, so thanks for the post on 33 & 34’s, your comment on a model 40 meet is not exactly true. In 1973 in Colorado, there was an Event called “The Model 40 Meet”. Rick Eclli started it and did it 2 years and then I took it over for another 8 years. It became so popular ,we amended the title to Model 40 Meet and Friends.
    I sill get people asking me to bring it back, of course most of them don’t understand, what it takes to do that. I still have all the artwork , dash plaques etc. from the event. If you are into memorabila, just let me know and I will send some to you….Joe

  26. Hi Lyn… Went to order two T shirts from your store,but all up price was $214.00,that was delivered toAustralia a bit out of my price range…

  27. Lynn, when visiting In /Out Drive In, instead of the Chocolate Shake, try the Neapolitan.
    Its NOT on menu, but a lot of stuff they sell isn’t.. It sure is good !!! Hummm.

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