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The trip to Solvang to see Jeff Beck in concert was well worth the effort. He is one talented guitar player and probably one of the best in the world. He is also a Deuce lover and has several in his collection. We were fortunate enough to go back stage and talk to him after the show and he took the time to recall our meeting in Memphis in 1971 at the NSRA Nationals. He purchased a Deuce from me at that time and drove it back to Chicago for a flight to London. He commented about the 4 – speed and the 4:56 gears. Yes, those were my racing days when I put the Deuce together. Thanks Roy Brizio for making the arrangements. The meeting brought back some memorable times for Jane and I in our early days of driving to NSRA events.

Bonneville is running and the salt seems to be perfect for some record breaking runs. Danny Thompson set a new record of 402 mph with his ride. He is now a member of the 400 mph club. George Poteet is running his ride after crashing a few years ago. FB is full of photos of the event and you can check the SCTA sight for up to date information about speeds of the participants. I told Bob-O we are going next year for sure if the salt holds.

As we close out the summer, there are many events still to be held prior to the white stuff hitting the ground. Make sure you attend as many as you can. On the West Coast, Goodguys in P-Town is always the big show for us. The venue is crowded with people and cars but offers a wonderful town to enjoy your time in the Bay Area. Speed Week in Monterey is also going on so for those of you wanting to get off the couch, this is the time to pack up and drive the Hot Rod for some really great and memorable times in our beautiful state.

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Jeff was easy to talk to and recalled our meeting and details perfectly. Super nice man.


He is truly a master of the guitar. He played for 2 hours without stopping.

Scan 10

Here is the photo I took with my Brownie camera in 1971. Note the jacked up front end and roll bar.


Some great roadsters were back on the salt after a two year hiatus.


George was back in his streamliner doing his thing on the long course.


Danny Thompson set a new record of 402 mph in his streamliner and joined the 400 mph club.


The Stanley Wanless designed windshield has become the one to have on your new roadster. Here are three in his driveway.


Ryan of Reed’s Rides has finished years of work on Jim’s 1940 Woody. This will be the top shelf of Woodies when completed.


Roy can build early looking 5-windows better than most. Cliff is happy with his.


Another style I like is this one with the Ohio look. UPI makes this possible today.


A nice comparison of early and today’s hot rods are these two in Escondido over the weekend. Jake has the classic tub.


Heading out to beautiful Lake Tahoe with the BAR club. 30 + roadsters enjoying life in their Hot Rods.


Lots of roadsters in Tahoe over the weekend and what a better place to stop for a photo opportunity than the famous Bunny Ranch! AMBR looks right at home sitting in front.


The BAR were out in masses this weekend in Lake Tahoe — 30 + roadsters in one of our most beautiful areas of California.


The snow is gone but the Lake is still a magnificent view —  especially when riding in a roadster.


Les was at the Tri-5 Nationals and sent along some photos. I need to put this event on my bucket list also.

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